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Thread: Queenie from PEI

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    Queenie from PEI

    I am not quite sure how to go about..posting.. I am going to give this a try.. I am posting because of a dear old doggie who is in desperate need of a home....She is such a sweetheart.. We have tried every option available to find a loving home for her..Her human dad passed awayand as a result the human mummy had to go in a home... My daughter works at a clinic and has been holding Queenie there...she will not be able to stay at the clinic during the holidays because of all the doggies that will be boarded for the holidays...This is no life for Queenie.. She needs a mummy and a home of her own.. She does not get along well at all with dogs that are NOT subbmissive with her... However.. she has a great love for horses andcats.. She is totally amazed by the cats... She needs to be on a lead .... Queenie does have a health issue , that is holding her back from a forever home... She is twelve years old and has to have a needle aday as she is a diabetic... Hopefully there will be a christmas miracle for Queenie... Thank you all... Colleen

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    Re: Queenie from PEI

    I hope you find a home for the poor dear. Unfortunately I can't take her. It sounds like you are trying hard to find her a home. please give her a hug and a kiss from me.

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    What kind of dog is she? What breed, that is ...

    Any churches you can contact to see if there's an older, perhaps recently widowed, person who could use an "old freind" especially at this difficult time of the year? Might a nursing home take her as a "therapy dog" companion for the residents?

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    Any news on Queenie!?!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    Believer, I saw your posting on petloss a few weeks ago and posted on this website about Queenie. (Link below). I hope that she finds a permanent home soon. I'm too far away (Alaska) to help much.

    Folks, the link below includes a link to the petloss message board. You can see a photo of this beautiful girl there.
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