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    today's dog

    I also have a Shar-Pei Lab mix. His name is Elliott and has the same personality, loves and dislikes your Dozer has! Someone dumped him at my house in 1998. I can't imagine why because he has always been the best dog. Pure sugar.

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    We always wondered which breed Dozer took after. We almost wish we wouldn't have had him neutered and have bred him because of his calm nature, how cute he is and how well behaved he is. Everyone who meets him says they would definitely get a dog if they knew it would be like him. We were wondering about other dogs that were the same mix as him and if they were like him at all. I am afraid of him getting lose because I know any other family would love to have him. You are lucky to have gotten yours! What physical traits of the breeds does Elliott have?

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    my Elliott

    Elliott, the Labrapei or Sharbrador, is sweet as sugar. That is just a general any-dog quality. His Labrador comes out mainly in his tail and height, length of fur, his love of fetch, and his wiggle quotient. The Shar-Pei gives him the wrinkles, all over, the broad bridge of the nose, lots of flay, spotted tongue, his dancing, hatred of getting damp, and unfortunately an array of problems that include a severe allergy to fleas, dry flakey itchy skin, hip dyplasia, and hatred of having his nails clipped.
    He LOVES to ride. Loves having the wind blow his ears and wrinkles back.
    He loves everybody he meets and charms them into loving him. He is a true huggy-bear.

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