Squeaker was my baby boy. I loved him dearly and he helped me through alot. He was my beautiful black and white american shorthair guinea pig. His show name was Squeaker's Arrow, and he had a white mark over the black, on his back. It was shaped in an arrow. This is where the name came from. Squeaker, was because he would always squeak when we would pick him up. He died on November 3, 2004, at 6 years old. I was holding him when he died. he was sick, and I brought him to the vet. He was on meds, and seemed to be doing better, but now it seems they were only buying him time. I knew he wassuffering, and I told him to go to the Rainbow Bridge and not to worry about me. I held his sister's necklace up to him, and told him to go to her. He did. I was holding him when he passed, and now a tree is planted over his grave to forever mark his legacy. My new pig that I just got, is named PikPocket's Legacy. PikPocket because she is the pick of the litter, and Legacy in memory of Squeaker, and His sister Katani, but mainly Squeaker.
Goodbye Squeakie, I will love you forever! Have fun playing with Katani, up there on the rainbow bridge untill I arrive.
I love you forever