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Thread: Lily The Squeaker

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    Lily The Squeaker

    Lily does this really funny thing with her mouth, like chattering or something when I take out a certain toy. I call it sqeaking.. I have to show you! anyway.. here's lots of videos! They should be streaming downloads, so you "should" be able to click and watch while they are downloading. Lemme know if you have issues watching them..

    Lily Squeaking!

    I caught Toby grooming Lily for the first time!

    Now for the second time grooming

    A clip taken after Lily's unsuccessful bath

    For those of your who haven't played the sims - you will want to now!

    Wrestling - Lily does the sideways walk thing lol

    Lily watching the sims

    Hope you enjoy!


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    OH MY!!!!! Seeing her in action again is soooo great! AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I miss that little brat!

    The videos worked for me but the sound didn't!!

    Thanks for posting these Johanna! I'm going to go watch the rest!

    That one where he's grooming her and she bunny kicks him is SOOOOO FUNNY!
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    Wow, seems like she has grow a lot! She is a big and pretty girl now. Is she and Toby getting alone great?
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    I guess Toby decided that Lily was going to get a bath one way or another! He sure was determined to get her ear clean. They really look like they're enjoying being together.

    I also have a Lily, and one of her nicknames is "Squeaks" because she has such a tiny squeaky little voice.

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    Lily sure is adorable. My Cirrus also makes the same kind of noise that Lily makes. He also does this when I get toys out and play with him. I guess that some cats get more excited than others.
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    Those videos were sooooo great!!!! I love the Lily doing the sideways thing... Tinky did that when she was a little baby kat! ... and Toby's face at the end of that video was PRICELESS... he even fluffed out his tail a little.. Looks like they are getting along so well. They are just too cute!

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    Those were great. I had to call my husband in the room to show him Lily watching the Sims...he got a kick out of that one. Lily is beautiful! I can't believe how much she has grown already. And as always, Toby is so handsome! Watching these was a great way to start my morning!

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    The videos are great. Looks as though those two are becoming the best of friends. I love the bunny kick/grooming video.
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    Two nights ago, at 1 am, when we finally turned off the light, Juni brought me the weirdest little toy next to my nose and chirped just like Lily. So sweet Of course, I turned on the light and played a while with her.

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    Oh Goodness! Those vids were so adorable! Lily is growing up to be a real beauty. I love her squeaks and the bathing sessions.

    (My friend is addicted to Sims )
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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    OMG! She is sooo adorable! And she does the little "squeaking" so much! Peanut does that, but only when she sees a bird, and only like once or twice.

    And Toby is such a good big brother that Lily must have the cleanest kitty ears in all of Canada! And it's so cute that she tries to get away, but he puts his foot on her to keep her down "No, you will stay here so I can clean your ears!"

    And ok, what are the sims and how do I get to play it? Is it something that is downloadable? Not that I need another game to play around here or anything. But it looks cute.
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    Neat videos!
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    the sims is a game where you control people. You tell them when they can shower, you find them a job and make sure they get there on time, or get fired for that matter, and you can even kill your sim if you really want to lol

    Its definetely an addictive game .. no, sorry you can't download it tho =/ ... well you can, you just need the right tools

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    Oh my gosh!! They were all so cute! I was laughing out loud when they were "fighting"!!

    Her little sqeaking thing is adorable!! She almost sounds like a wild animal or something!! Kittens are so much fun!!
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    OMG, they are so sweet! These videos really made my day! It's so heartwarming to see Toby grooming Lily, and how funny Lily loves to watch the sims - well, only the cats obviously!


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