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Thread: Walk problems

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    Walk problems

    When i take my dog for walks everytime we see a dog or people he goes nuts. He's not growling or anything of that sort. And he tends to scare people, But he really wants to play with them and starts to pull and choke himself just to go see them. i tell him no and try to get him to sit but he only does it for a sec. and doesn't pay any attention to me, How sholud i deal with this, i really want to take him for walks without him hurting himself and scaring people.
    (He is rigdeback/akita and is 9 months)

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    I've had that problem with my dog... Luckily its getting better now! I tried all kinds of things to get his attention, but as the other dog got closer he'd get blocked and not pay the slightest bit of attention to me! Even a piece of hotdog dangled in front of his nose didn't work, and he is normally very food crazy. Then I just got really angry. And it worked wonders! If he started acting stupid I'd start telling him what an awful, disobedient boy he was being in a deep, serious voice. I normally don't get angry at him, and if I do its more of an indignant how-could-you-steal-my-chips shrill angry. So he was suprised! And looked startled at me, and got LOTS of praise and treats etc. I did that for a few walks and then he got so he was reachable in his excitment. He is no way near reliable with other dogs, but he's getting there!

    Another thing that could help might be to take him to places where there are other dogs, and just sit and be boring. Let him figure out that being a brat isn't going to make him be able to play! Obedience classes are also great, because you can meet other dogs in an organized fashion where people understand your "problem" with him.

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    I have the same problem with my newly adopted lab/rhodesian. She had never had any leash training, so we begin classes in January with a wonderful trainer. In the meanwhile, she has suggested using the halti instead of a choke chain, and it's helped enormously. She still goes insane when she sees another dog, wanting to play, but she's much more attentive to me and quieter with the halti. The main reason for the classes is for her to be in an area with other dogs and ignore them while she's on a leash. She pretty much ignores dogs at the dog park when she's off the leash!

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    ok, Well i 'll give that a shot to give him the tone of voice hopefully it'll work. And i have used a halti and he is good on it. But i want to be able to take him for walks without it.
    but if all else fails i think i will take him to a trainer. thanx alot guys (i'll keep you updated)
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    I've found just how important it is to have a well-leash-trained dog (my dearly departed Rhodie was one). This new child was running with my 17 year old son on Friday, she got between his legs, tripped him up, he dislocated his right shoulder and badly fractured his collar bone. Just before high school tennis team tryouts and seriously jeopardising his part time job in Baskin Robbins scooping ice cream!!

    Roll on training! I also can't wait to get rid of the halti!

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    i was wondering? Does your dog have to walk right beside you or is it ok for him to walk ahead of you?
    Because when i let camen walk ahead he's really good until he notices other dogs but he's good having him walk ahead. Is that wrong of me to let him do that?

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