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Thread: Dear Diary

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    Dear Diary

    Dear Diary,

    They bought me a new chair! Wasn't that thoughtful? I thought I had my special spot picked out but now I can be in the same room as they are without La Princessa seeing me...(she has reverted to type... )

    And of course....since I was getting attention...SOMEONE had to come running and butt in!



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    What a beautiful new chair they got you! I see you've got the Royal Sceptre out... you look mighty handsome on that throne!

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    Eddie you do look like royalty on that lovely new throne.

    Edwina is beautiful, as always.

    From Decker with Love

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    I love the cats, but I especially LOVE THE NEW CHAIR! It's gorgeous!

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    The new chair they bought you fits purrfectly!~

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    I agree..

    ADORABLE kitties. And I love Eddies new chair.

    Thank you so much Michelle!

    Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets!

    I've been BOO'd!!! Thanks Lori!

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    Eddie, what a nice chair they bought you. It looks real comfy and you look like a King on your throne! I think you'll be having a hard job hanging on to it, though! Then again, I gave mine up when Fister moved in. He lets me use it occasionally - when I insist!

    Edwina darling, you look as cute as ever with your little pink tongue sticking out - can you get any more relaxed? Fister does that too - so cute!

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    Oh Eddie, not just a new chair, but also a new binkie

    You're just simply handsome. And Edwina is very cute, nah, I've never thought of Edwina as cute, more like majestic, or royal, or aristocratic...

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    WOW! Eddie, that's not a chair, it's a throne and you looking like royalty on that red binkie with your royal sceptre so beautifully extended for us to bow low to .... may I kiss it?

    Edwina, you are darling as ever, even with your little pink tongue sticking out!

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    Eddie, you sure know how to make a girls day. *snuggles*
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    Oh Eddie your new chair is gorgeous!! I can't imagine anything more perfect than that chair with you sprawled out under the window. That looks like the perfect corner in the house!

    Edwina I don't think I have ever seen you look so ummmm unroyal!! You look positively relaxed and cute as a button! Must be the laid back atmosphere of California. It didn't take you long to get the "attitude" did it?

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    Originally posted by catcrazylady
    Edwina I don't think I have ever seen you look so ummmm unroyal!! You look positively relaxed and cute as a button!
    Just what I was thinking! Like she's being cute and playful - not the Edwina we've known for the last...oh...1 1/2 years or there abouts.

    And Eddie, your new throne is beautiful! It looks like the carving on the legs of the footstool(?) is the same carving as on the chest next to the chair - what a perfect match!
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    Eddie, I LOVE your new chair. You look magnificent in it (well, on it) too.

    Her Highness seems to be having fun. I hope you'll be playing together happily soon.

    {{{Snuglies from Aunt Amber}}}
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    That is a great throne, Eddie!! Hey, I see that the chair is large enough, so we are now all waiting for a picture of both King and Queen; I just love "royal" pictures

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    Eddie I wish I could sit on that chair with you on my lap

    And Lady Edwina, I adore your cute pink tongue. Nice to see you so relaxed

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