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Thread: Update On Cappy & New Picture Showing His Beautifull Big Neck Rolls

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    Update On Cappy & New Picture Showing His Beautifull Big Neck Rolls

    I talked to LeeAnn last night and after being on antibiotics for a week now there is no difference in the size of his lymphnodes which is not good news at all. She is going to wait until next monday to see if they go down and if not then the vet will be checking blood and likely doing a fine needle aspirate or a biopsy.
    This sweet lady is beside herself right now. Her other dog Montana that has cancer and cushings disease is getting worse so her time is now very limited. With all this going on she still managed to save a pitty pup that someone dumped behind the shelter last week. It is now in a good foster home. It's just addorable and will need a forever home later on. Please keep Cappy and Montana in your prayers. I will keep you informed as I know more. Hugs Deb, Monty, Kiki, and Cappy
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    Nikita Mommy & Daddy Miss You So Much.....Always Will....Look For Cappy Sweetie & Keep Each Other Company. Cappy You Stole So many hearts Sweet Boy. We All Love You & Miss You. Play Hard Sweet Babies.

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    oh ,,, paws are pressed together in ferverant prayers for your friend.......

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    Oh Deb I was hoping for some encouraging news. LeeAnn must be beside herself with stress and worry. But let's not give up hope! Yes, all paws and hands clasped n prayer for brave Cappy and Montana. Please let LeeAnn know that we're thinking of her and the pups and send lots of love and positive thoughts her way. Thanks so much for the precious picture! What a beautiful, beautiful boy Please give us a miracle, God. {{{HUGS}}} Sandra

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