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    Hi sweet Sage! What a lovely name for a beautiful girl I do so love your coloring; and that precious face!! What a doll you are. My piggie Squeekers would just LOVE to meet you. He loves all critters. And one as lovely as yourself would make him coo, coo, coo! I think you piggie kids are the most wonderful of companions. And you, Sage, fit the bill to a "T!" Cuddles and hugs and kisses to you Sage, our precious and sweet Pet of the Day!

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    Sage, you're pulling those strings. I trying to decide between a budgie and a guinea pig as the next addition to our household. You are so adorable and sound so sweet I think gp's have just moved up a notch! Congrats!

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    Hey people who wants to see my lizard

    Gotta love my lizard

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