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Thread: RIP ricky

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    Unhappy RIP ricky

    ricky died a couple of months ago my dog had killed him
    we had fisrst got him and it was te first week we had got him we still had the cages on the floor due to no space my dog went into the room and stated to look at it like it was his dinner
    my mom and i were in the shower at the time and my brother was comeing to get me when we finally got up the stairs to ricky my dog had torn the cage apart and killed ricky
    so RIP ricky

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    How terrible, I am so sorry RIP Ricky.

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    Oh no! Be sure to keep cages dog/cat proof! RIP Ricky, you will definitley be missed.

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    thanx you guys for showing respect

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    Thats sad

    RIP Ricky

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    Awww! I'm sorry! My first guinea pig Guineavette died of respiritory failure. I'm glad my new guinea pig Milli is POTD. It cheers me up alot!

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