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    Oh Ricky you sweet boy. I'm so glad that you had a family that took such good care of you. I"m sure you are watching over them now at Rainbow Bridge.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss Ricky was most certainly the BEST of the best and had the most wonderful life with his lovin' family! I'm so happy your precious Ricky was chosen to be DOTD!! The cutest little fella ever, peace and love

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    In memory of Rickie

    What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend Rickie. It sounds as if he really was a sweet good dog and that diabetes and even blindless did not keep him from doing some of his regular activities. I am sure you gave him a wonderful home for the years you had him and loved him and vice versa. Thank you for sharing him with us. I am glad he was chosen as DOTD!

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    Regal Rickie!

    Wow - what a special dog. Beautiful and loving...I know that he is having a barking good time in doggie heaven!

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    To the family of Rickie. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful boy with us all, giving us the chance to pay tribute to him and all that he means to you. What a beautiful, precious soul he was; the best friend a family could EVER hope for. How lucky you were to have been chosen by him that fateful day at the shelter, and how lucky Rickie was to have known the love and devotion of such a caring forever family as yours. Animals have such a canny ability to sense the truly good people and in you, Rickie chose the best.

    I can't help but get teary reading your beautiful tribute, as I look at his sweet face, the love in his eyes, sightless as they might have been. Rickie may have faced some serious health challenges in his final years, but true to that indomitable, courageous canine spirit, he didn't let even blindness keep him from savoring every joyful minute of life...the sound of a bird's wings flapping or a squirrel scampering; a romp in the snow or a nap in a sun puddle; a long, peaceful walk with his family; the loving touch of a human hand; keeping watch over his family from his favorite spot atop his cherished chair.

    Rickie led such a wonderful, long life, but for we humans it's never enough; I know. And though your hearts ache for him, as mine still does 10 years later for my beautiful best friend, I hope the knowledge that one day down the road you and he will be together again, that he waits for you patiently at the Rainbow Bridge; remembering that for all the days of his blessed life he knew how unconditiontally and completely loved he was, gives you some peace and comfort. He truly was one of a kind, one in a million; a Dog of a Lifetime.
    Bless you precious Rickie. Enjoy your big day at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet baby boy, celebrating with all of our beloved fur angels, including my Jingles and Cody.
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    Dear Friend,
    I wanted to write and tell you how I think you're a fine person for taking such good care of Ricky. Many folks wouldn't have gone to the trouble but when you have a faithful friend, you don't turn away just because they're unable to take care of themselves or need extra care. I'm in both those positions right now and I know what it is to have to depend on someone to help me, even as a man at the age of sixty. But enough about me...
    We had a wonderful dog named M'Lady from 1989 until the year 2001. She was such a sweet girl, a Dalmatian, with one blue eye and one deep brown eye. It made her a bit "balanced when you looked at her but I didn't care. Her heart was pure gold and she loved her family. She gradually went blind in her last two years of life and she would be going along and suddenly cringe, as if she was afraid she'd run into something, although I never saw her do so. I need to stop talking about her...It's bringing the tears again.
    May the Lord bless and keep you, my friend, for what you did for Ricky. May He hold you close to His Heart...
    My love to all,
    Jim Grayson
    Lexington, Kentucky

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    Rickie had such a sweet face. In all of his pictures he looked so
    at home in his surroundings. I am so glad to read about him & thank you
    for sharing his story with us.He seemed like one of the Quiet Heros who
    manage to push on no matter what happens to them along life's journey.

    Rickie makes a wonderful DOG OF THE DAY.
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    Congrats Rickie!

    What a sweet, sweet story! For those of us who love animals, we know the pain of losing such a beloved pet! Rickie will be there waiting for you one day and he will always be in your heart. God bless you for taking such good care of such a sweet family member when it became HIS turn! After all, that's what love is all about. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations to Rickie for being the Dog of the Day!

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