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Thread: *cries* RIP Guineavette!

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    *cries* RIP Guineavette!

    She was my first guinea pig. My avvie is my new guinea pig Milli.

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    Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear about your loss. RIP little Guineavette

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    4,348 did he/she pass away? I'm SO sorry! I remember when my first cavy, Marble died a couple years ago; it was tough! Rest in Peace Guineavette!

    Thanks Kay!!

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    RIP Guineavette.

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    Unhappy *sniff*

    She died of respiritory failure. I woke up the day she passed away to feed her breakfast, and when I got to her cage, she was still. I didn't wanna see anymore, so I began to tear and ran for my dad. He picked her up and burried her in the backyard. I cried in my mom's arms till her shirt was soaked. I miss her so much!
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    No matter how small they are, they steal our hearts and bring comfort and joy into our lives. RIP little one.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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