My aunt, uncle, and three cousins just moved into a brand new house. Unfortunatly, the house is not nearly finished. A bathroom, a girl's room, and an adult room is finished. They have no stove or refridgerator hooked up so they are going out to eat and eating at other's houses to get warm meals other than fast food. Not all carpet is in, and stairs are not finished. Not to mention bordem. There is no television or computer hooked up. The children are bored to death, and they can't do anything fun because they need to help move things into the house. The reason why the move was so rushed is because the family that bought the old house had to be moved in by a certain date. The family is so frustrated and my aunt is about ready to cry. Please, can you pray for them. They will have a beautiful house in the end but as of now, it is disastor. If you could say some nice things to help them get through this, I would tell them and they would greatly appreciate it. A family with one girl, two boys, a mom and a dad + Only one bathroom and shower working + One unfinished bedroom and many other unfinished rooms = a very unhappy family. They need prayers. They need encouragement. Pray for them, send comments, I need to motevate them to finish their house. It will be beautiful in the end, all they need is a little words of encouragement.