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Thread: Poor puppy :(

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    Poor puppy :(

    I went to the store yesterday and saw this beautiful Rottie boy tied up outside! He looked well taken care of, and obviously belonged to someone shopping in the store, But I think it was mean just to leave him alone outside to bark his head off! He seemed kind of scared and upset . Poor boy, people should leave thier pups at home when going to the grocery store.

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    I agree, unless his owner was just walking by and needed to run in and get something.

    We usually leave our pups home when going for groceries, but if we don't need to get many things they wait in the van

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    I leave Smokey tied up when I run into the market for a few things (like almost every morning when I get the paper). He's very good. Just sits there and waits. I've never heard him bark or had anyone complain. But again, he's very good. I wouldn't do this if he stood there and barked his big ol' scary looking head off.

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    I guess I was more upset because the pup was barking at everyone and whining. It seemed as if he had been there for a long time too with no water. It was kind of cold, but he had this really neat leather harnes/coat on so I don't think the cold was bothering him.

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