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Thread: Prayers Please...

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    Prayers Please...

    After school today I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up when I suddenly caught sight of one of my old friends Mom. I've know her since I was 2, and we were always really close but we've lost touch the past year or so. Anyways she gave me a huge hug and we talked until my Mom arrived. I noticed she didn't look quite herself and seemed a little depressed. Then when my Mom came over she began talking to her and she whispered something in in my Mom's ear. My Mom began sobbing... then when my Mom and I got in the car she told me she had breast cancer.

    I can't believe it... I don't know how bad it is or anything but I'm so upset. She is such a loving person and is like a second mother to me, she said to me once I was like the daugher she never had.

    Please keep Marjorie in your prayers... Thank you.

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    lets all hope they caught it soon enough and she will be ok.
    prayers from my family for her, my friend.

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    Prayers coming from my little corner of the world too. Hope your friends mom gets treated right away, and makes a full recovery. (((HUGS)))
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