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Thread: Gentle AND Effective Training Book or Video

  1. Gentle AND Effective Training Book or Video

    We have the Monks of New Skete books but are looking for something more gentle for a puppy we'll be getting this winter/spring. Any thots?

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    anything by trish mcconnell -- puppy primer, the other end of the leash check here .

    also might check out pat miller books for positive training methods.

    positive perspectives: love your dog, train your dog

    the power of positive dog training

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    One of my favorite topics - I am an avid reader. I have recently finished reading "Parenting Your Dog" by Trish King. I absolutely love the way she draws parallels between rearing a puppy and rearing children. Her books (as well as her seminars) are very entertaining and easy to understand. She gears her books toward more "manners" style of training rather that competition style training that I feel is more important to most pet owners. The advantage of this book is that it will take you through all stages of training - puppyhood, adolescence, and beyond. I think it is a must for everyone. Trish King is the head of the Behavior Department at Marin County SPCA in California.

    I also like Joel Waltons "Positive Puppy Training Works". It isn't very long and it has a great deal of information about training puppys using only positive reinforcement. It is a great book whose major premise is to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Joel Walton is an accomplished trainer and has bred and raised labs for years.

    I also like Patricia McConnells books, but many of her books deal with problem behaviors rather than general manners training.

    Good luck with your pup - spring and summer is the best time to get a new addition. The weather will be nice enough that you will be able to thoroughly socialize the pup to many different people and dogs while it is still young enough to absorb it all. Most trainers recommend that the most important ages for dogs to become socialized is between 4 weeks and 4 months.

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    I'd recommend "don't shoot the dog" by Karen Pryor for specific training and "bones would rain from the sky" by Suzanne Clothier for a more philosophical look at your relationship with dogs. Bones would rain is far and away the best dog book I've ever read. I love it!
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  5. Thanks! I've added them to my Amazon cart. Actually, our library might have Don't Shoot The Dog.

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    YOu can also check out "The Dog Listener", I liked it a lot. I didn't finish the book, and, need to recheck it out, but, I followed the advice on how to keep the dog from jumping on you, and, it worked like a charm!

    Thanks, Dogz!

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