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Thread: Do you talk to your cats?

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    Do you talk to your cats?

    PJ's Mom started a thread over on the dog side asking if people said bye to thier pups when they leave the house. Do you all do that with your kitties? I do, I usally tell Remus "Be good, don't cause too much trouble" If he is being clingy (He sometimes gets into moods lol) I tell him "If I could take you to work(or wherever) trust me I would cause I like you better than most people!"

    I actually do like talking to Remus. He seems attentive when I talk to him like a normal person. I get into baby talk, he just walks away lol!

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    Of course I do! Sometimes she is the only one who will listen to me
    She talks to me too!

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    Only ALL the time. I can't leave for work in the morning without kissing Max and Speckles on the forehead and telling them "I'll be back later. I've got to go and make a buck".

    We also have great conversations when I get home. I tell them all about my day and about the goings-on at Pet Talk.
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    Of course! I always like to let them know how long I'm going to be gone for, then I give them a kiss and tell them goodbye.
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    Goodness yes! I talk to them, and I'm sure they ignore me like everyone else does

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    I also do talk to my kitties...

    I have to, they expect it. I love it, so do they. And when I worked at the vet, and I couldnt come home on my lunch break to check on them, I used to sneak into surgery if noone was in there, and call and talk to them on the answering machine. This is how the convo went " hannahhhhhhhh,puffffffffffff,stashhhhhhh, how are you guys doing. your mommy loves you and cant make it home today to cuddle. I wish I could, i miss you all so much. I hope you are being good and stay out of trouble. I love you *kiss kiss kiss* bye bye, see you tonight" and if my hubby pressed the machine before I got to it, he would hear it and just smirk and roll his eyes... whatever they like it

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    Of COARSE!! That is why I love them so! They never laugh at me when I make a mistake, never ask why I am not in bed yet (not anymore anyway) and I talk to them ALL day and after the lights are out and I am in bed at night. I always tell them how much I love them, how pretty they are, how good they look and I tell Samantha "We FINALLY did it, didn't we girl?? You are M-I-N-E!!!"
    I even talked to Amy on the phone from the boat last trip, Kevlin said she rubbed the phone with her face when she heard my voice too!!

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    Of course I do! Like, almost all the time! I just talk about everything I never leave the house or return without a big fuss. Leaving - I always tell them to be good, watch the house and put one of them "in charge." I tell them how sweet and wonderful they are, tell them to quit picking on their brother or sister, etc, ask them what is wrong, what do they want, how they are doing, etc... They seem to expect it!!

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    OF COURSE!!! I talk to Josie all the time. I work at home, so she's the only one I have to talk to through the day

    My husband laughs at me when he hears me conversing with Josie.

    But I've heard him upstairs talking to her too!

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    Yep, I hold conversations with all three furry kids.
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    I talk to Cubby, but by the end of the converstaion I am talking to the back side of him.

    When I am leaving for work I tell him that I love him and that I will see him in how ever many hours. When ever I tell him he is a good boy he walks right over and bites me. Then I let him know he is bad and he lays down and starts purring.

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    Yup, 24/7!

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    Phhhh! Of course I talk to them, and they all answer me back, too!!

    There are times on the weekend when I actually talk to my husband and he will turn to me and say "Oh, were you talking to ME???"

    When we leave, we will "assign" one of them to be in charge while we are gone.

    Yoshi loves his "Lipstick Kisses" right on the forehead when I get home!! He looks quite silly, a white face with big red lip prints on his forehead......but he is mommy's baby (always will be, too )

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    Yup, every morning when I leave for work, I tell them, "Bye guys, be good. Mommy won't be long. Stay out of trouble and i'll see you soon. Love ya all."
    Then when I get home, I go and see each one, say hi, give them a kiss and scritchies.
    There are many times my hubby will say, "What did you say?" and I say, "I'm not talking to you, i'm talking to Buddy," or which ever one is with me at the time.

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    Yes, and they answer back.

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