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Thread: peeing incident

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    peeing incident

    My wonderful little dog, who I've for about 3 months now (although she's around 5) came housetrained. She only had one (understandable) accident when she first got to my apartment but after that we settled into our routine of 3 walks a day and she's been great. Today, before our morning walk though she pee'ed on my bed while I was in the bathroom, and what I thought was stranger, was sleeping right next to the spot. She usually sleeps in and doesn't leave my bed (where she sleeps too) until she hears the leash coming out.

    I thought that dogs don't usually pee where they sleep. Also, with winter coming soon, I was wondering if anyone had tips on training dogs to let their humans know when they have to tinkle, since I think our long and leisurely walks will soon become less and less long and leisurely. I'm a brand new dog owner, so it's all a new learning experience for me!
    crazy fur you!

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    Is she otherwise acting normal, or might she have a urinary tract infection? Our dogs always let us know, they had us well trained, so I don't know how to help you with your other question!

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    what we did to train my dog was when we went to take him out, we would put the leash on, bring him to the door, then stop. We would take one of his front paws and make him scratch on the door. After he did that we would go out. After a while, we would bring him to the door, and not let him out until he scratched at the door or we made him scratch. After a few weeks, he got the hint and will go to the door and will scratch at the door or screen until we go get him. If we aren't in the room, he will even scratch at the door to the room we are in until we come out, then he will run to the door and scratch. Just make sure to treat him if he does it on his own. That worked for us, so it should work for you.

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    Is she spayed? Do you think she woke up and peed or urinated while sleeping? "Spay incontinence" might be something to have checked out as well. I know this is the only accident so far, so it might not be anything, but that is just something to think about later.

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    Put a cowbell on a rope and tie it to the doorknob. Every time you take her out, ring the bell. If she rings the bell herself (in play or by accident) take her out. Before long, she'll ring the bell to go out and you won't have a scratched up door.

    If she's wetting the bed, I'd schedule a vet visit pretty quickly. This is the first sign most of us get of a urinary tract infection or diabetes.


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