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Thread: Goldie is at the vet...

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    Goldie is at the vet...

    Sigh, Goldie is back at the vet. I was away over the Thanksgiving weekend and my husband was taking care of the critters. He's very good at doing the basic stuff--feeding, watering, handing out pills. But he doesn't spend as much time with the dogs as I do and sometimes he misses their little quirks, likes and dislikes. So, without thinking, on Monday morning, he let Goldie outside. The gate was closed so he didn't tie her up, just opened the door and let her into the main yard. Unfortunately, he forgot that he had left Kayleigh loose overnight. We often give Kayleigh run of the big yard overnight so she can get some time off her tie-out. Kayleigh is dog aggressive and she hates Goldie. (the feeling is mutual actually). So you can imagine what happened....

    The two of them had a fight. Hubby said it didn't last long, he broke them up quickly. He checked Goldie over and said he did not see any wounds. She has a phenomonally thick coat and it is hard to find small wounds on her. She was limping a bit, but nothing major seemed to be wrong.

    Then she stopped eating and yesterday she hardly moved. So I checked her out again. She has an absess under her right front leg!!!

    I dropped her off at the clinic this morning and my vet will squeeze her in when he gets a break between appointments today. I hated leaving her at the clinic. Goldie spent two years in a cage at the shelter. She did not want to go into the cage at the clinic. I told her about 100 times that I was coming back for her as soon I could. I hope she understood me. I am sure she thinks she has been dumped again!

    I hope I caught it before it got too serious. Goldie is really hard to pill, especially when she does not want to eat, so I will be begging for an injectable anti-biotic. My poor baby girl. She was doing so well on the new arthritis medications and was so much happier and now she is hurting again.
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    Re: Goldie is at the vet...

    Poor Goldie.
    Sending many good thoughts your way for a quick recover.


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    Aww! Hope she will be OK!
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
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    Poor Baby!!

    I'm sure she knows in her heart that you will be back!

    Let us know what the vet says!
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    I'll be keeping Goldie in my thoughts today and hoping its not that bad. I'm sorry to hear about this Glacier. I know how much you hated to leave her there in the crate.

    {{{Big Hugs}}} for you both.

    Keep us posted.....Robin

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    Oh Dear,,,, I hope it all works out.... Keep us posted!!!!

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    sending thought and prayers for Goldie

    Daughter Zoey is 2 !!!!
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