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    Smile My Friend

    My friend has been dead for a long time now, but I think of him often. His name was Lizzard, he was a Heniz 57 variety. Had a sleak body of a Greyhound, a curly tail like a Chow, and a face that would melt your heart. He is buried in an animal cementary in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and I go and visit often.

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    Sounds like Lizzard was quite a guy,,, and wasnt he lucky to have had you for a friend....

    Rest easy and play hard at the RB!!

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    RIP Lizzard! May you see your old friend again someday.

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    I know what you mean when you say you think of him often. When they go to RB they take a piece of your heart with them. I still miss my heartdog and he has been gone for 20 years now. Hugs to you.
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    Smile My Friend

    Thank you to LorraineO, pipersmom and Sudilar for their kind words. In case you are wondering why I called him Lizzard, its because he had a tongue that seemed a mile long and was able to flick it in and out just as fast. And yes you are so right, that when our family member leaves us, they do take a part of our heart with them.

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    I too think of my Rainbow Bridge friends often, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear, but always with the most fond and love-filled memories. I really enjoyed reading about Lizzard and what a good friend he was, how you miss and think of him still. Thank you for sharing
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    Lizzard sounds like he left some pretty big pawprints on his way into your heart! You know that's where he still lives, right? What color was he? Just curious!

    Have you heard the Rainbow Bridge story? See here if you haven't - it's all over the Internet, and a comfort.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk and I'm sorry your first post is a sad one. Here you will find a source of strength, support and comfort. It sounds like Lizzard had a very happy home and I know that you miss him very much. Take comfort in knowing that he's watching over you and the two of you will meet up again somday.

    RIP Lizzard.
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    Your story of Lizzard has touched my heart. I do know what
    it feels like to lose a special furry friend. You know, I think
    they remember us too at Rainbow Bridge. I always ask my RB
    Buddy to "help" me to train the two rambuncious pupsters I
    live with now.

    Rest In Peace Lizzard. You were greatly loved.
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    RIP Lizzard, play hard at the RB

    (sorry im late)
    your human friend,


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