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Thread: How did you get your pocket Pal? Or scaly friend? Or featherd friend?

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    How did you get your pocket Pal? Or scaly friend? Or featherd friend?

    In was a cool breezy summer day and me and my friend, Brittany decided to walk up-town. when we got there we saw they had a Pet shop there. So we went there to have a look at the place....OMG it was horrible! they had dog, cats in tiny cages! and it smelled like smoke, and it was SO dirty. The animals cage floor were wires!! I was so upset. When I was looking at the hamsters I saw this 10 gl. auquarium with a momma and baby dwarfs. The owner was saying there ready to go to homes and blah blah blah. and I was thinking should they all be seperated? like put the females in one cage and the males the other. but anyways she said I could hold them. when I wanted to pick them all up they kept running away, they were skitish. (with no socialazation) but when I went to pick up this itty bitty dwarfs she was so calm and sweet. She needed a good home. Me being a dumb dumb bought her with my own money and I bought her food. Without asking my parents! after I bought her I was like What did I just DO? but I was happy I had her! she was adorable. after we got home my parents were so upset with me. They told me we had to take her back, but until I told them how terrible the place was and my tears they letted me keep her. me and my mom got the cage sat up with bedding. But we had to run to the store for other items. and after that she bacame apart of our family! She is the best and is the cutest!!
    Now that you know how I got Gracie, How did you get yours?
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    Blinky once belonged to my friend, Cerissa. She had him for about a year, but then she got accepted into a college in Alaska and would be living in a dorm. The dorm doesn't allow any pets besides fish. Her mother refused to take care of Blinky so he came to live with me. He's been living here for a little over a year now

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    I got my first Pocket Pal from a paper company, and it was free. Now you need to Buy it from Amazon
    Sorry, I was startled when I read the thread title. I understand now there are pocket size pets.

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    I got Merry and Pippin one day what I desided to goto the pet store to look at the animals then I seen a 10 gallon tank with 8 rats in it females and males. I desided since I had 10 $ on hand and a cage at home I would save two males. So I did, Jordan aka Wolfsoul, is my witness . she was there.
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    Piper was at Petco. My mom and I stopped in to pick up some dog food, and saw him.
    Needless to say, I feel in love with him and the rest is history.

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    Aww Great storys!!

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