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    Casey, you are one handsome dude. You are a fine example of the love and companionship to be had from a stray or rescued dog. I believe you did well to catch the attention of the young fellow who took you home with him. Both of you are darn lucky guys. I hope the two of you have many happy years together. I have three rescues and I could not wish for finer pups than they have turned-out to be. There is a world of love and companionship out there in the many dogs that do not have a good home.
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    What a handsome dog you are indeed. No doubt that you have a jack russell blood in you. Congratulations for being dog of the day.

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    Congrats to one lucky pup who found a good home!!

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    Hey Casey! You sure are a good looking pup!! Congrats on being dog of the day!!!

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    Casey, you are such a beautiful dog, I can understand why you immediately stole the hearts of your adopted family!! Congratulations, sweet pup, on being DOTD!!

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    Casey............You are very handsome little fellow. I am so sorry about your begining of life but am very happy that you have found a very loving and caring family. You look so beautiful sitting there. So well cared for and healthy. Have a long and wonderful like with your family.

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    Casey-your smile and happy little tongue hanging out has made my morning.

    Congratulations little one! You are so beautiful.

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    Casey is certainly beautiful. My guess at his breeding would be Australian Shepherd cross. Check out this link I found :

    At first I thought maybe Papillon by the look of those ears...who knows. Whatever he is he's sure cute.

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    Beautiful dog you are Casey! Hope you have a great day and congrats on making it to DOTD! As well, all the other dogs in the past week or so are so cute, fun and loveable! Congrats to everyone! Sending out lots of kisses from my own Golden Retriever Buddy!

    ~ Highschool rox ur socks!! Highschool is so amazing and I love it. Hi to everyone on Pet Talk, I know I have not been on for a while, I'm just busy. All of you here that I know rock! Keep up being friendly, posting on Pet Talk and havin fun. Buddy sends kisses. ~

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    Casey, youre gorgeous!! Congrats!

    You definatley look like an Australian Shepherd or Border Collie mix to me! Both are very hyper too.

    Hope you have lots of fun on your special day!
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    Casey - you are soooooo adorrrable! WOW, what a darling little pup. It was so nice to hear about your loving daddy and family and your new life! CASEY ROCKS!!!

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