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Thread: He's in the house!!!

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    He's in the house!!!

    Mac the timid is in the house of his own free will tonight! Earlier he and Franklin staged an escape. They will no longer be kennelled together. Franklin shows Mac a new way out everytime they get in the same pen. Fortunately, tonight they went out the inside fence and just ended up in the big yard. I just left Mac to run around with the other loose dogs--about eight of them tonight. They all like Mac and he was having fun, plus it's usually a huge process to recapture Mac.

    About an hour ago, I went outside to let Bandit in for the night and Mac just followed him right into the house!!! He's never come in the house because he wanted to before. I usually have to carry him through the door!! There is much hope for this scared little soul yet!

    My little escape artist!

    His partner in crime, also currently asleep in the house!
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    Whoooooo Hooooooooo!!!
    "No dog is born either vicious or friendly, but rather a blank slate that is moulded, for better or worse, by the owner."

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    They are too cute!!!

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    Well,, isnt that progress,,,

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    How beautiful your two escape artists are. And a big WOOHOO! that Mac is warming up.
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    What great news, Glacier!!! You're working wonders, as usual!!!

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    Sweet, beautiful and smart partners.

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    That is great news . And what gorgeous dogs.
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