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    Ricky seems like a wonderful dog. I own a black Miniature Schnauzer, and she has been the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Her name is Tessa and she is so smart (not to mention bilingual).
    She has been nominated at but we have not heard anything back yet. We are hopeful though.
    I have always had schnauzers in my life, and they are great dogs. I have to say that Minis have a mind of their own, and think they do not need any human guidance since they have "figured it all out".
    Good luck to Ricky and his parents.


    Mirjana and Tessa

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    your Mirjana will be on, and you will feel like you won the lottery, when I saw my Nikki on I felt like I won the lottery, I will look for Mirjana, NIkki was Dog of the day on May 20,

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