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    I have read various posts about everyone using kongs and I felt a little dumb because i never knew what they were. Well my mom went to the store today and bought Chico one and also a bottle of this stuff called Kong Suffin (peanut butter flavored). I sprayed it in there and it just kinda rolls around in there. Is that what it is supposed to do? And what do you all put in your dogs kongs? Please let me know.....

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    I put peanut butter in my dogs' kong.. and then I put the kong in the freezer for the peanut butter to harden. Sometimes I put treats in there too. It keeps the dogs busy for hours trying to get all that stuff out.

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    I put in peanut butter or cheez whiz.... sometimes both ,, other times,, some canned dog food,,, Freezing is good too,, makes it last longer,, I wouldnt buy that spray in stuff,, save some $$ and buy what you can eat too..

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    My dogs love their Kongs, I put peanut butter in them.
    - Kari
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    First I put treats in it, then I top it off with peanut butter, this way that have to get through the peanut butter before getting to the treats!
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