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Thread: Zeke is starting flyball..

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    Zeke is starting flyball..

    ..on Sunday, Sept. 19th. I'm nervous. I didn't realize it started so soon. I kept telling myself I wouldn't get nervous cause it is going to be fun for me AND Zeke. But now that it is coming up, I'm getting nervous lol. I have anxiety proplems which is why I don't like doing these things. Oh well, I hope it goes well and I hope Zeke will behave. He really likes to play (more then anything else. Even food lol) so I'm kinda worried I won't be able to get him to listen to me. They said to bring his fav treats and toys. He really don't have toys that would be good for this sort of thing. He really only has mass amounts of bones and tennis balls. Everything else Josie destroys within 2 minutes. He really liked this ;daily news' thing, it was a squeek toy but again josie killed it. I haven't been able to find a new one T-T Any ideas for good fly ball toys/rewards?

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    WooHoo go Audrey and Zeke .

    I am just going to upload pics of our Motivators and then i will post them for you. I will also post (If i can find it) an article on how to train a dog with/ for the motivator.

    We use rope tug toys, another ball, Clover runs back quite fast for a tasty treat (Usualy Hot Dog or Kabana). But if you can get your dog focussed on somthing like a tug toy then you have alot of problems solved, as the dog runs back looking at the tug toy and not looking around wanting to chase.

    I'll be back.
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    I hope you both have fun!!

    I know what you mean about anxiety problems(as I have them too), but I think things like this could help, I wish we had some around here

    Good luck, and again make sure you have fun

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    You're gonna have so much fun. I have anxiety problems, too. I totally sympathize. Just get out there and make yourself have a good time.

    You'll both do great.

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    Unfortunatly i cannot find the motivator article but i will get it in a couple of days .

    If you are feeling nervous before class, try to get there a bit early and take a walk with Zeke so you both get used to the new environment. It may help a little bit. And remember to try and have FUN.

    This is Snakey, Elvis' Motivator is shake it all about as Elvie is coming back and he latches on and does not let go untill i tell him too.

    Elvis likes this simple rubber ring (Aka Ringo) and tugs on it and tosses it around.

    And not to forget the Frisbee, they are durable (Well some are).

    You can make your own tug toy by braiding 3 strips of material together to make a Metre and half long rope toy. They are very good for "Reeling" in your dog.

    I hope this was some help to you, and i realy hope you dont get too nervous. I was pretty shy when i first started out at Flyball but now to look at me i am very outgoing and if anyone has questions about Flyball (Either new people at training, or complete strangers at Competitions) i have no problems talking to them.

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    Good luck! Flyball looks like so much fun - I'm sure you'll both have a great time.

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    Will you please post an update on how Flyball went? I am thinking of training my dog in Flyball but I'm just not too sure. He is a 20 pound terrier mix. I will be curious to hear how your class goes. Good luck and have fun!

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    make a tug! all ya need is strips of fleece(just old sweats, or blankets are good) and braid the strips together, into a 3braid, or you can to a 4-braid if you know how, its stronger. only allow zeke to play with the tug in flyball, every other time it is to be put away, this way it is his special flyball toy
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    Good luck, I'm sure you'll both do fine, and have lots of fun too!

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    Good luck with fly ball, Emma just started and loves it, shes not that great though!

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    Thanks guys. I'll post an update after our first class. I think I'll just buy a tug rope or something.

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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