Hi I need a bit of advice, comments on a problem with Spence (my chocolate Siamese).
I bought him from a breeder about 7 years ago and right off the bat he had problems with his stomach. I took him to the vet and he diagnosed giordia (parasite) - even let me look at the little guys under the microscope. I notified the breeder and she thought that would be impossible since she always served city water. Anyway - got him cleared up and a year or so later he was diagnosed with Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). This was a hospital stay where they gave him intravenous fluid to prevent dehydration. After that I just couldn't get him fully recovered so back to the vet. This time the vet said Spence was allergic to his own teeth - therefore all teeth were extracted except the Canine teeth. So he has his fangs, but the rest are gone. So now he's a full time wet food eater.
Problem: Spence eats like crazy and sometimes, but not all the time, vomits his entire meal on my rugs, middle of the bed or wherever. Sometimes its just the dry heaves. I've been able to help him by giving him a Tagament (1/2). Spence is in a multiple cat household - the other cats have no problem and I like to leave food out for the others to eat at their leisure. I've had Spence to the vet since and they can't find anything else wrong with him. He weighs what is normal for a oriental physique. He is an oriental Siamese. Any advice - you know what happens to rugs when Whiskas chicken and gravy stays on them too long.