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Thread: megacolon/surgery?

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    My four-year-old cat has been diagnozed with megacolon, a condition where his colon does not move feces along. Instead, they pile up until I have to take him in to be treated.

    The vet -- actually, a couple of vets -- recommend surgery where part of the colon is removed. Has anyone's cat had this surgery? What was the outcome? Any negative side effects?

    It is major surgery, and I am concerned about this.

    Thank you for any ideas or information you have.

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    Although I have never had a cat with this condition I understand it is preferred for younger cats like yours. The alternative is medication for the duration of your cats life. The surgery carries higher risks as the bowel is involved and the risk of infection is increased. Diarrhoea is usual for about a month after surgery and loose stools may persist for the cats life.
    Have your vets discussed the treatments that you could try first such as a higher fibre diet or lactulose?
    This is such a hard decision for you to make and my thoughts are with you. (On a good note surgery is usually succesful.)

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