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Thread: Calling all New Jerseyans!

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    Calling all New Jerseyans!

    FizzGiggs_Mommy (Ragen) and I are going to finally meet each other and each other's dogs on October 23rd. She knows of a dog park not far from me in Pennsauken off of Route 130. If anyone would like to join us, please feel free to respond here or send a PM to Ragen or me. Christiansmommy (Robyn) will also be there with big boy Dale.

    So far the doggie head count is 6: FizzGigg, Tobi, Max, Bella, Ripley and Dale. This is going to be fun! Y'all come!

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    We'll be there!!

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    Us too!

    Join Sweet Pea at The Bunny Forum
    Come join me and FizzGigg at The Bichon Lovers Clubhouse
    Thank You Anita & Kay for the wonderful Siggys

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    What a fine group of doggies to get "slurped" by!!! could someone please collect my doggie kisses and send them to me as I work on Saturdays and can't come get them myself.

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