Name: Grizzly
Age: 6
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Demenor: Timid, Loving, Playful.
Size: Large
Breed: Rottwieler
Health Problems: None Known
Shots: Due soon but up to date
Favourite Activities: Catch, Water Sports , Car Rides
Other Animals: Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, plays too hard with Kittens.
Other Things: Mostly inside, licks a lot, loves attention, not a mean bone in the body, has jumped the fence and ran away, Does bark.

Reason for Rescue: Running away, Other dog is too dominating and won't let Grizzly have petting time.

Please contact me ASAP otherwise owners will have no choice but to give to SPCA and SPCA and rottwielers do no go together well. Sorry no pictures, found out today.

Pretty much end of day today is the deadline

I'll be checking PMs and emails [email protected] all day. Please help, he's so beautiful and playful.

A/V Dept.