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Thread: How do you deal with stress?

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    How do you deal with stress?

    AGH.....lately I feel completely overwhelmed with STRESS!!!! I feel like I'm going out of my mind. I get myself so stressed out that I get these terrible headaches.
    I usually listen to my favorite music or go for a drive! Sometimes I take a nice, long, hot bubble bath to settle down. When I talk to family & friends it usually helps too.
    What about you?

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    Exercise! Nothing beats a run with the dogs to relieve stress. I usually feel cheerful after a good run (whether I'm stressed or not) so I find it really helps when I'm stressed.

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    5,308 moderate amounts, of course!

    My boyfriend is a masseuer, and I've found that even a quick massage can work wonders. (Look for places that do chair massages, they're usually quick and less expensive)

    My pets always seem to mellow me out too...I can talk to Star forever, or rant, or cry, and she just listens.

    I also love to sit and read my favorite books. I've got a few that I've read so many times that I can open them to any page and get swept away in the story...gotta love a quick escape from reality.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    I have so much stress in my life right now that i think nothing could relieve it

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    Bubble baths with candles lit are so nice. I also go volunteer at the shelter. Helping animals in need really makes me forget my own stress and puts things in perspective.
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    I think for me, its going out in my back yard and watering or picking weeds or going into the garden and picking what is ripe, and of coarse playing with the boyz, its very peacefull back there, I can hear the pond water trickling over the rocks and it puts me in a different world. Joannie and the boyz

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    Originally posted by lizzielou742
    Same here.

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    My life has been so stressful lately too - I don't know if you read the "my life is awful" thread but my husband went to Iraq right when we were moving into a house in the country. I've got 2 kids here and I'm babysitting 2 dogs who just won't housebreak etc. etc. etc.

    I've found something that really, really works well for me. It keeps me from crying and just going insane. I'm 34 years old - I wish I'd discovered this sooner!

    Whenever I start to get that "I'm about to cry" feeling or I start getting really jittery or panicky, I very quickly try to do something for somebody else. Like I'll call somebody who might be lonely, or I'll think of one of my kids and go through a list of what they might need in my head. Go clean their rooms or do their laundry or something. Call the neighbor and see if she needs anything at the grocery store on my way in, stuff like that.

    You might try it. You'd be surprised how much others appreciate it, too. Suddenly, people are so nice and supportive of me!

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    Shopping . And also going for nice long hikes and runs with clover and Elvis.
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