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Thread: Dreyfus

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    Jul 2004


    Well,,, a hollywood man eh? Aeent you simply deeeevine!!!

    congrats on being our DOTD

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    Oct 2002
    just ran out straight to your new home didnt you......and a good one you found knew just what you were doing......congratulations on being dotd!

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    Apr 2003
    South Carolina

    You are so handsome. I just love that beautiful black hair. I am so glad that you found a family that loves you very much. Have a great DOTD.

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    Mar 2002
    Ohio, USA


    Well would you look at that?! We've got one stunning guy as our DOTD that's for sure! Looking at you Dreyfus reminds me sooo much of my RB Keisha, she had the same look in her eyes as you do. I think it is truly the look of love, and how could you not love your family?! They sound like one of the best

    Well I hope you have a fantastic day and celebrate with some yummy treats

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    What a handsome man you are, Dreyfus! Hollywood's the town for you!

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    Sep 2003
    Nashville, TN
    What a handsome boy you are Dreyfus, and I just love your name!

    I hope your day is filled with lots of love and chicken!!

    Congratulations baby doll!!

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    San Diego, CA
    What a fluff ball you are Dreyfus, I would love to give you a great big hug around that ruff of yours!!! I'll bet you are spoiled and Im so glad you are!!!! Your parents did beautifully to see you through the hard part and now you are just a beautiful boy!!! Many hugs, smooches and treats to you today and always!!!

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    Feb 2004
    Grosse Pointe woods, MI
    Drefyus you are amazing! i love your big black coat! That is such a great story about how you were found!!!! U and your parents are so lucky to have each other! Enjoy your day u deserve it and make sure u get some chicken 2nite!


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    How fitting that you should hail from Hollywood, Dreyfus! I took one look at that gorgeous face and coat and said 'this is one handsome hunk...a real star!" Just look at that million megawatt smile!!! What a happy, confident pup! It's hard to imagine that the sleek and stunning dog I see before me was once a weak, emaciated, matted, frightened stray Thank goodness the fates conspired to lead you to the loving arms of your forever family! No doubt it was more than serendipity that brought you all together that fateful night We love happy endings like this Dreyfus, you are one determined and courageous doggie, an inspiration to us all and so worthy of the title Dog of the Day! I hope you and your American Eskie pal and adoring, devoted humans have a very special day celebrating your "top dog" honors! Lots of hugs to you sweetheart and happy tail wags from Cody and Star Long and happy life to you Dreyfus!!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Aug 2004
    Oh Dreyfus... You are so beautiful. So fortunate too to have such a loving family. Congrats on being DOTD and I hope your day is full of lots of love and chicken.

    ~ Highschool rox ur socks!! Highschool is so amazing and I love it. Hi to everyone on Pet Talk, I know I have not been on for a while, I'm just busy. All of you here that I know rock! Keep up being friendly, posting on Pet Talk and havin fun. Buddy sends kisses. ~

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    Detroit, MI
    Dreyfus you have come a long way! You are so beautiful what a sassy fluffy coat you have, you deserve this special day Enjoy it with lots of love and chicken!!!!

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    Jun 2003
    Wow, Dreyfus! What a looker you are. Such a stunning looking boy! I'm so glad that you have found such a loving home. What great parents you have. Make sure eveyone is treating you extra special and giving you your favorite food, Chicken! Yummy!

    Enjoy the day Dreyfus and Congrats for being our Dog Of The Day!


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    Jun 2003
    Florida, USA

    Oh Dreyfus!!!

    That name is so cute Big Guy!! WOWWWWW, have you come a long way sweetheart. From a frail pup to a very very handsome grown-up Chow boy. You are stunningly beautiful you charismatic guy you!! That photo is top notch and shows us the pride in you and your fabulous family that nursed you back to health. A BIGGGG high paw to you guys for doing such a great job with him. He is one absolutely handsome young man!! We would love to see a picture of your American Eskimo buddy. Our Mom's American Eskimo, Benny, is at the RB. She says he was a great doggie!!! Give him/her a kiss for us and our Mom. Enjoy your day Mr. Dreyfus as our oh so handsome DOTD and of course every day with your great family. Hi to all. Always remember Big D to love your life like we do(that goes for your little AE buddy too!).

    Love Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida p.s. We almost forgot to tell you doggies to have plenty of chicken to celebrate!!

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    Valencia, CA
    Our very own Hollywood Star!!

    You are one beautiful boy. And destiny took you in front of the right car, with the right person in it! It was fate. A true Hollywood story. Congratulation on your very special day! We hope you get your own "STAR" on your walk of fame at home. Have a great day, we hope you get some chicken tonite too!
    Congratulations again from some fellow Californians.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Tailwags, Linda, Mr.T, Macs, and Oskar

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    Nov 2003
    Chicagoland, IL
    Dear Handsome Dreyfus, I hope you won't mind if I use the word "gorgeous" to describe you! You are one stunning boy, and your story truly touched my heart today. What a blessed pup you are to have found such a wonderful family, taking you in and having faith in you even when the vet said you wouldn't make it! They never gave up on you Dreyfus, and I know you have repaid their dedication with all the love in your sweet heart.

    Congratulations on being our very special Dog of the Day sweet, loyal Dreyfus, yours is a true story of faith!
    Mom to Raven and Rudy the greyhound

    Missing always: Tasha & Tommy, at the Rainbow Bridge

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