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    A Hungarian Kuvas...that's a new one for me, and in the "thumbnail" picture, I was convinced I was going to see a very blond Golden Retriever! What a beautiful dog you are, Piggy, and you certainly grew out of your "pigginess"!! I'll bet you were a darling puppy though. I truly believe that we are guided to the right pets most of the time...and you sound like you were "Heaven sent" at just the right time! Congratulations, beautiful Piggy, on being the Dog of the Day, on Christmas Eve! What an honor. Hope Santa Paws is good to you!!

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    Oh Piggy, what a wonderful dog you are, anyone can tell how loved you are by your Mom. I think you are a special Angel sent to be her guardian, especially in times of sorrow. You are so kind and understanding.
    Congradulations sweet Piggy for being the sweetest, most beautiful, loving Dog of the Day and I hope Santa will bring you lots of toys and goodies. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR MOM.

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    Dearest Piggy,
    You are truly a Beautiful soul, inside &
    out. Such a kind and loving nature.A Special
    friend for a lifetime. I'm so happy to have
    met you Sweet boy. Congradulations on being
    honored as today's DOG OF THE DAY !!!
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    Dear Piggy, what a beautiful Christmas Eve sight to behold you are dear one. And you do have the heart and soul of an angel...a guardian angel!! Your gentle way with all things living brings tears to my eyes. You look so lovely in your santa hat and "candy" cane. But, when I look REALLY closely, I CAN see those gossamer wings! You are everything a human could ever wish for in a devoted, ever faithuful friend and companion. At Christmas time we give thanks for all that is special in our lives. And today precious Piggy, we give thanks for each and every day that your beautiful spririt graces this earth. And Piggy, how thrilled I am to send along to you my most heartfelt congratulations as you are honored Pet Talk's most cherished, loving, gentle and beautiful Christmas Eve Dog of the Day! I have a feeling Santa Paws will have some extra special treats for you in his sack tomorrow!! All my love and great big hugs to precious Piggy! Merry Christmas, and wishes for a very, very happy and healthy New Year to you and your ADORING human!

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    Piggy you sound like a great best friend, have a Merry Christmas!

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    Oh...I love you Piggy! How sweet and gentle you are. I have never heard of your breed before, but now I think I will check it out.

    Congrats and Merry Christmas to you, our DOTD for Christmas eve!

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    Dearest, sweet, gorgeous Piggy...I so sorry I'm a day late in telling you how absolutely awesome you are! I "met" Kuvases at a dog show and instantly fell in love with them!
    I, too, like your human, cringe at the years going by so fast, but I believe that all the love and caring and understanding that is mutual adds to the years. Kisses and hugs don't hurt either! What a fabulous, friendly boy you are too all creatures. May you be blessed with many more healthy, happy days, that is my Christmas wish for you!

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    Oh Piggy! You are so beautiful. Your mommy's words were very touching. When I lost my father, I just don't know what I would have done without my animals. And remember, there are always exceptions - May Miss Piggy live to be 21! Congrats piggy
    Miss Prissy

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