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Thread: Eating Problem

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    Eating Problem

    As you probably know i have just adopted a dog named Kitana and kniw she is starting to eat the cat food and the cats are eating the dog food we went to the vent and he said the cats could die or get really sick what should i do to get them to stop??

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    Re: Eating Problem

    Simply feed the dog on a schedule such as 2 times a day,
    and if kitana does not finished her food with-in a certain
    amount of time such as 20 minutes, than remove it.
    (watching to make sure your cats do not touch the food,
    or by keeping them out of the same area that the dog
    is being fed for that time period)

    Just a thought.


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    I agree with getting your dog on a good feeding schedule. Teach her that when food is offerred it must be eaten. If she hasn't eaten it within a reasonable time frame then the food is put away and not offerred until the next feeding time.
    Not only will this be good for keeping the cats out of the dog food, it will be good for in the future if Kitana is ever sick. Some of the first questions a vet will ask you will be when was the last time she ate, how much etc. It is hard to answer those questions sometimes if the food is always just out.

    Also it is very important that she is kept from the cat's food. Cat food is much higher in protien than dog food and can do damage to the dog's kidneys over time. I've also heard of dogs having seizures after eating too much cat food. Is there a way you can feed the cats in a place she can't get to, for example in another room, on top of the washer or dryer etc.

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    I keep my cats' food up high enough that Disney can not reach it but of course she is a small dog. I've never had a problem with my cats wanting to eat dog food. They are so picky that I am surprised that yours will eat it. Maybe it's just because all there food is being eaten by the dog.

    The others are right about getting them on a feeding schedule so you can control who eats what.

    From Decker with Love

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    Originally posted by jazzcat
    I keep my cats' food up high enough that Disney can not reach it but of course she is a small dog.
    My solution also, Tigger's dish is up on a counter, and also Jasper cannot get it either, so I guess it depends on where you put it

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