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    My silky terrier does tricks such as shake, speak, high five, sit, rollover, play dead... but running after a tennis ball he instead likes for me to chase him whereas I would like for him to bring the tennis ball back to me... I've tried a few things but nothing works...

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    my chihua brings back the ball and knows sit stay speak turn rollover and more

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    my chihua brings back the ball and knows sit stay speak turn rollover and more
    I believe she is looking for advice on *how* to train her dog to fetch, not asking what yours does. Like we said, don't worry about your post count

    I'm sorry, I have no advice however, as mine doesn't like bringing back anything but a stick (once or twice if at all)

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    My pup

    My Golden Retriever is a ball fanatic, you cant get her away from her tennis ball. And she thinks every yellow tennis ball is hers.

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