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Thread: Fetch?????

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    I have been trying Foxy to fetch without any luck. So i was wandering if anyone has a good way to teach a dog to FETCH. If you do please help.

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    Mickey never really learned the command "Fetch" he just knows that when I throw a ball he has to get it and bring it back. To do that, I got him in a sit stay and took his favorite toy. I threw it across the hall and told him to get it. Then I give the command "Come". When he gets to me I praised a lot and repeated. After a bit of practice, he learned it fairly quickly.

    If you like you can give the command "Fetch" when he reaches the puppet. Good luck

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    It is my feeling that there are some dogs that just don't *do fetch*. My RB Bailey who was a real smartee pup and would do a dozen tricks, just refused to retrieve anything.

    Tucker will run after and grab onto, but bringing back is not something he subscribes to. I love playing fetch with Hannah who has to be in the mood for this particular game. Hannah also has a variation of the game where she runs to get the kong but then takes it to some hard to get to location under pine trees or behind bushes and drops it, turning to me with a look in her eyes that says....*now YOU fetch*. .
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    Thanks guys

    Thank you for the signature manda_moo87

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    Max wouldn't fetch when I got him. So I would throw the ball, then bring him to it. When he got to it I have him a treat. Then, I wouldn't give him a treat unless he touched it. Then, I wouldn't give him the treat until he picked it up. And so on. Now he gets it, picks it up, and comes back to me. But he's not real good about dropping it - so that's what he has to learn next.

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