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Thread: Dog food questions...

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    My dogs are fed Purina ONE.

    I'm personally SO sick of people saying "Feed your dogs this, Purina is crap, blah blah blah"

    My dogs are healthy and my dogs are living. I know dogs who were fed Kibbles n Bits their whole lives and lived to be 17+ and dogs who were fed these overly expensive foods and lived short lives.

    Robyn, feed your dogs what you can afford. If Purina ONE is what you can afford, go for it! As long as they're being fed, that is what matters.

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    Originally posted by CorgiLuvr
    I would not go with any of those dog foods, ESPECIALLY anything made by purina. They put preservatives in their food called ethoxquin and proplene glycol that can cause very bad damage to their liver and kidneys. I would recommend a food such as innova, canidae, or nature's variety. Canidae is probably the best, and they have an all life stages formula. Take a look at their website. Just don't buy anything from a store; you can't find a good dog food like that.

    I would not *usually* go with any of these either, but as I said, Im short on money, I know about those other foods, and they are all about $60-$70 a anyway.

    I also do not just buy anything from a store, I have fed Jasper tons of different foods, I have searched for and FOUND the only pet store around here that carries good foods like Wellness and Canidae, but just cannot afford them right now!

    Also like others said, he's not going hungry, and if dogs can live 17-18-19 years on some of that stuff, then it can't be *that* bad...

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
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    Our dogs eat Purina One, and they love it, and people compliment on how shiny and soft they are. As long as Jasper's okay with it, I say go for it. ^_^

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    I don't know which one is the best. But whatever works best for Jasper, then go with it. Jasper's health is the most important thing!!!

    Like for Gigi...a lot of people say Chicken Soup for Pet Lover is great. Gigi tried it, but it just makes her itch and her stool soft, so that won't work for her though tons of people say how good it is. Now she is on Royal Canin and it works fine, so I am sticking with it.

    I know I am not much help. Oh well.
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    Originally posted by ParNone
    Hi Doglover!

    I order Wellness across the internet and get a 30lb bag for $40.

    Hey Les, could you give Robyn the link where you were buying from? That's about the price she's going to pay for one of the foods she listed as an option for Jasper.

    Robyn, could you order his food online? Even if you don't choose to stay with the Wellness, maybe you could try Nutro or Nature's Recipe? I've fed both of those and they're good foods. No gas, and very little waste in the yard, which I'm afraid may be a yucky by-product of the lesser quality foods.

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    My dogs eat Purina One and they are doing just fine on it.
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    Disney eats Purina One. It's the only thing she will eat and I've tried a few of the more expensive brands. I'm going to look into Chicken Soup for her if and when she grows tired of Purina One but for now it's her favorite and I am pleased with it. BTW, she is 12+ years old and has eaten Purina brand products for most of that time with no health problems.

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    Originally posted by CorgiLuvr
    I would not go with any of those dog foods, ESPECIALLY anything made by purina. They put preservatives in their food called ethoxquin and proplene glycol that can cause very bad damage to their liver and kidneys.
    No offense, but if there were really solid data showing this to be the common case, I seriously doubt so many dogs would be on it and thriving on it just fine. It is kind of like how one is always reading articles about certain people foods that can cause cancer or cause this or that. If these foods commonly caused these disorders I don't think the foods could survive being on the market, there would be too many studies and too much evidence as to how harmful it is. That kind of information I only see when reading competitor foods' labels, when they start going into how harmful the ingredients of other foods are. I think it more likely to be a sales pitch than any proven fact.
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    Here's the link to Dr. Foster and Smith, where I order Wellness, but it looks like they only service the US.

    As to buying what you can afford, you just gotta know your own dog and what'll work for them. It was actually more expensive for me to feed Purina One then Wellness, because of Maddie's food allergies, my vet bills went down on Wellness. I have a friend however, whose JRT continually throws up on any of the expensive brands, so for her the cheaper stuff works better.


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    The bottom line is you have to feed not only what your pet does best on but what you can afford. There is always the questions of price versus quality versus quantity. I know you can feed less of a higher quality food thereby it negates some of the higher costs. doesnt' always make enough of a difference if your finances are tight. Purina isn't the horrible food some make it out to be. Many animals do well on it. The same as for Iams (hiding behind something preparing for the slings and arrows). We all haver personal preferences and I have seen and participated in many debates on here about pet food.

    Basically it is better for any cat or dog to be fed the worst pet food there is than to get nothing or lose their home due to tight income.

    Purina is fine. Just watch how his health seems to you on it. One of my cats eats Purina Pro Plan canned food and she has never looked better. When I had them all on Wellness I had a variety of problems. We had six cats on it and 3 of them were having diet related problems. So just because the label looks good doesn't mean it will work for your pet. Two of my other cats have to eat what most would consider not as good as a food because the higher quality and quantity of protein upsets their irritable bowel problems. They throw it all up. Doesn't matter how good the formula is...if they can't keep it in the tummy it doesn't do a darn bit of good.

    As far as Ethoxyquin goes there has been extensive research done on it and it has been found to possibly lead to a greater incidence of intestinal cancers in dogs and cats. Most pet food manufacters have eliminated it as a primary source of preservative. But it can still be used as a fat preservative in the meats that are added without being on the label.

    But then they did a study years ago and found the water in the city of San Diego can cause cancer... . So take it all with a grain of salt and do what your pocketbook and conscience allows.


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