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Thread: What are these? Leg whiskers??

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    What are these? Leg whiskers??

    What are these hairs that look kind of like whiskers on the back of Scout's leg? See the two white ones sticking up like antennas from her leg.

    Jazz has them also and I've never seen them before until yesterday. They are on the back of both front legs.

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    Allen has them too... I don't know whee Pouncer is or I'd check him too.

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    Tibby has those too! I'm not sure about Corkscrew, I'd have to check.
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    Oreo has them too. I think they are there to feel when we are coming in for a sneak paw kiss
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    I think I read somewhere that they are called guard hairs and they basically functions just like whiskers, just all over the whole body. I know Terra, Misao and Hana have them, but they are fairly difficult to find on Hana being a long haired kitty.
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    Originally posted by Maresche
    they are called guard hairs and they basically functions just like whiskers, just all over the whole body.
    Yup! That's exactly right. Kinda like the old "whisker" curb-feelers that cars used to have (I guess I'm showing my age here, eh?) They're kitty curb-feelers

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    Originally posted by RedHedd
    ... They're kitty curb-feelers
    Hee, hee, hee! I call them kitty curb-feelers, too. Maybe this one is another entry for the kitty dictionary, eh?
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    Halo has them also. None of my other kitties do. I don't think Halo is using her "curb feelers" correctly, though. She keeps rolling off the edge of the bed and stairs and runs into walls when she gets real excited.
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    Did a front foot check and my three have them! Funny but I had never noticed these things and there really are quite a few whiskers there How odd!

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    I know Luna has them, and I'm sure so does Lily. I think all cats have that. It's indeed some kind of whiskers.

    Edit: Just did some research and found this:

    "Cats have about 24 moveable whiskers, twelve on either side of his nose, arranged in four rows in a pattern as individual as our fingerprints. The strongest and thickest are in the middle rows. Small groups of whiskers are situated on other parts of the body as well: high on the outer edges of the cheeks, above the eyes, and on the back of the front legs (carpal vibrissae or “paw whiskers”). Carpal vibrissae are common in carnivores that grasp their prey with their forelegs."

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    Mine all have them too but it's really hard to see them on the long hairs.
    That was really interesting Kirsten. I never knew how many whiskers they had.

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    LOL! I love kitty curb feelers, a perfect name.

    Kirsten, I had no idea they about 24 whiskers total, wow. Thanks for the info.

    Since Ripley has long fur I had never seen them on him. I like them on Scout and Jazz. I think they're kind of cute kitty curb feelers.

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    I have noticed them before .... but never really gave them much thought. I love the term "kitty curb feelers" .... definitely a good one for the furminology book!

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