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Thread: NO whiskers!

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    NO whiskers!

    I'm sprawled on the bed last evening playing with dogs and cats, and I realized Sugar has NO whiskers! WHAT the ??? So I checked Lacey. NO whiskers! Checked the 2 foster dogs, nope, none on them either! So apparently bichons don't HAVE whiskers!

    Okay, so I've had Sugar since Dec of last year, I'm not observant, sorry.

    What about other breeds with hair, not fur? Do they also lack whiskers?

    Poodles, Maltese, etc? I just never knew this!

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    I thought all dogs have whiskers

    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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    My bichon, Kirby has whiskers, but...

    when I get him groomed and they clip his face, not only does all that curly hair go - the whiskers go too. Same thing happens with Molly (Yorkie).

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    I've been grooming dogs for years and I honestly do not recall ever seeing a dog without whiskers. Granted, I wasn't checking for it either or anything. Are you sure they weren't just clipped off when groomed? If the face is shaved, the whiskers will get shaved off too.

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    Yup - they have whiskers, but when their faces get shaved, there go the whiskers as well. With curly-haired breeds like Poodles and Bichons, often the whiskers curl back in, so are not as noticeable as a sleek-haired, never shaved dog like a Lab or Dane, for example.

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    Gee I never considered the grooming,a nd I do my dogs myself!

    Now, on cats, you CAN'T cut their whiskers as it HURTS! Guess dogs are different.

    Well this has been enlightening!

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    Our shih tzu & schnauzer(we had) both have/had whiskers.

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