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Thread: Frito feet anyone?

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    I came to this post rather belatedly and thought, in the name of science, that I should conduct a similar experiment on my Marsha to check if she indeed has Frito paws herself. That was the first thing I did upon coming home last night...initially I couldn't smell much, because I was holding her paw about a half inch away from my nose. It wasn't until I had my nose buried in one of her spread-out paws that I finally caught a whiff of Fritos! I had a hard time explaining to my Mom what I was laughing so hard about! She thought I was going mental!

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    My girlfriend finally smelled the Frito Feet. Before she was holding his paws an inch away. you gotta get your cat to put his paw on your nose. I suggest not doing it if they've just left the litter box that covers up the frito smell and isn't very pleasant.

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