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Thread: Your Daily Routine?

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    Your Daily Routine?

    My day starts at 4:00 a.m. when the alarm goes off for work. I get myself ready then proceed to taking care of the animals. First I prepare 24 plates of wet food with mixing in special feline powdered vitamins. This is distributed to outside strays, cats inside, and cats that are in the garage and cat-run at the time. I fill all dry food containers, check water, give Porch his special food, and then pick-up all plates when emptied. I feed the kittens, change their litter, and clean up their messes they made. I then change the one indoor litter box and fill the self-cleaning one with needed litter (my husband changes all the litter boxes in the garage). I feed and clean Bashful the tortoiseís cage and feed the birds. I finally leave for work where Iím there until 3:30, and now am taking care of the 4 feeding stations, which are about 1 mile apart of each other. Come home and baby-sit the granddaughters until parents get home. Clean up any messes the cats have made, prepare some dinner, eat and then clean up. At sunset head to the park to feed and water the colonies. By this time it is now 8:00 p.m. and I feed Yardley, Mr. January, and now the new kitten. In bed by 9:00 p.m. And of course there are all the other daily things in-between like laundry, vacuuming, etc. Gosh where does the day go?
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    Ah another early riser! I'm up at 5:00 a.m. Feed the kitties first and then make coffee; work out for an hour, hit the showers, brush my teeth, make-up, etc. while Mishi supervises in the bathroom. Get dressed while trying to keep the M's from playing with my clothes - Mitzi loves playing with socks, stockings and knee hi's; Mishi joins in. Then breakfast - Mishi always begs for my cereal milk which he always gets. I put extra in my bowl just to make sure I'll have enough left over to share. He meows while I'm eating as if to tell me I'm not eating fast enough.

    In between breakfast bites I read my e-mail and send out daily readings to an online spiritual group I participate in. Then pack my lunch, make the bed, scoop the litter boxes and take up the cat food bowls. Then it's hit the road to commute to work.

    7.5 hours at the law firm and then back on the road back home (about an hour each way, depending on traffic). I'm greeted at the door by two hungry cats, Mishi always has a welcome meow for me - he's my singing cat. He has been giving Mitzi singing lessons too so now she has started to sing to me for food - sometimes I get a meow duet!

    The cats get treats when I get home and then I put down their dinner bowls, fix my dinner and then depending on the evening go on to meetings or fun with friends. I try to be in bed by 10:00; Mishi sleeps on the pillow next to me. Mitzi sleeps in a different spot every night.

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    My routine seems different every day! Sometime Grover wakes me up licking my nose. I guess she gets hungry and thinks it time for her lazy mom to get out of bed!

    Anyway it is something different everyday!


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    I'm gonna quit whining after hearing your schedule Lisa! Good grief I'm tired enough just trying to do mine! I'll put my daily routine on here anyway.

    Up at 4:30am and immediately fix four plates of canned and dry food mixed for the crew. a special plate of canned only for Magoo with a pill that I have to crush in there. Get all the plates down and get everyone in the right spot. Make sure Magoo eats all his food with no help. Go throw on some clothes and hit the porch. get the old plate, clean it and refill with canned and dry. Scoop three big boxes and finally sit down for a cup of coffee!! Get ready for work, check the water bowls, pet fountain, extra bowls, and porch bowls. Make sure the toilet seat is up in case something bad happened to us and the kitties would have water until rescued! Refill all dry food bowls and get out the door by 6:00am. Work, work work and arrive home by 5:15pm. I then repeat the entire process.
    Monday and thursday nights I fly to the shelter after feeding and don't home until around 9:00pm. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I try to get some play time in with my kitties and hopefully relax some. Of course there is laundry, dinner, clean up and general house maintenance that has to be done.
    On the weekends I really clean and try to caught up from all the things that don't get done during the week. I try to be in bed by 10:00pm but most of the time I suffer from sleep deprivation!

    Wouldn't all of this be so much easier if we didn't have to work! I'm falling apart most of the time with what little I have to do Lisa. I would have to be put away if I had to keep up with all you do!!!
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    What a neat idea for a thread!

    Up at 6:30. Let the dogs out and feed and scoop the kitties. Let the dogs back in and feed them. Go onto Pet Talk and read e-mail while waiting for hubby to exit the shower. Quickly get my shower and run out the door for work. Come home, change out of clothes and check e-mail and PT. Clean, laundry, whatever . Make dinner and feed 4 furry hungry ones and watch TV or read, depending on the night. A quick check of e-mail and PT and then bed between 10:00-11:00. Next day start all over.

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    Goodness, you all do so much more than me!

    I am woken up every morning around 6:45 am by Tito purring in my ear - it's his way of saying "Feed me!" I stumble to the bathroom and shower, and emerge to two hungry kitties sitting in front of the bathroom door, waiting for breakfast. I take Tito in to the guest room, fill his bowl and shut the door (he'll eat Sophie's kitten food and his own food if we don't separate them) then come back into the bedroom and feed Sophie. When she's done I have to put whatever she doesn't eat back into the bag, then I can let Tito out. I do my makeup, dry my hair, etc. while kitties watch and try to climb around in my closets. I'm out the door by 7:30 am, work from 8 am- 5 pm and get home by 5:30. I am greeted by Tito meowing his head off when I walk in the door. I pick him up and we sit on the couch and he loves on me for a few minutes, usually until Sophie wakes up (she's a heavy sleeper!) and he gets distracted. Then they both get their bowls washed out and refilled, same separated feeding routine. My boyfriend (Steve) comes home about 6:15 pm. We play with the kitties for about half an hour, then they usually pass out for a while while we are distracted by dinner, cleaning, etc. Lately we've been spending the evenings painting our apartment! The cats get a final meal and Steve and I clean out their litterboxes around 10 PM, then try to be in bed by 11! Tito and Sophie both sleep in the bed with us. Usually Sophie cuddles her dad and Tito cuddles me!

    Sounds more like the kitties' daily routine than mine! Mine also involves my job (I'm the office manager for a small business that sells postage equipment), lunch at a park close to my work, yoga, visits with friends and talking to friends/family back home in Dayton, OH (where Sirrahbed lives, I believe? Sirrahbed I was born & raised in Vandalia ) and dates with Steve.

    So there you go!
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    Routine? What's that???!!! I keep horrible hours ... I've always been a "nightowl" and with my diabetes it is not a good combination. I am too ashamed to tell you how my day goes. But I do take care of my kitties!
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    Up at 5:30, check e-mail (and pet talk), bathroom duties , measure the cats' dry into 15 separate dishes and mix canned into the "picky ones", feed cats in their own designated spots.
    get fully dressed and go to foster room. Feed babies their canned food, check all water and food and dump litter (stupid clay litter for the kittens) **NOTE** Charlie scoops the boxes for our cats
    a bit of play time with the kittens, a bit more computer time, let the cats out of their designated eating cages, pill those with medication and off to work (it is now 7:30)
    work until 2 to 4 depending on the day, various duties after work and then the feeding, cleaning playing starts all over.
    In bed about 9:30

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    Up at 5:45, feed cats, get dressed and have breakfast. Sometimes I don't eat until getting to work.

    At 6:10 I leave to catch the buses for work. I get to work around 7:20.

    I work from 7:30 to 4:00.

    The afternoon buses don't take as long; the one at work comes at 4:20 and I am home at 5:00.

    Beau and Felicia are at the door to greet me. I tell them they were missed and I am glad to see them. Beau and Felicia are then fed.

    I eat my supper, play or hold the cats and relax.

    After that I'm on the computer until time to get ready for bed at 10:00.
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    I couldn't do what Lisa does. I can barely keep my own schedule.

    Up at 5:40. Check the house for wandering cats, make sure they're in their room. Let the dogs out of the bedroom and out the back door. Potty. Feed two dogs and 7 cats in separate dishes and separate places. Be sure Dale (old lady cat) gets her food where no one else can reach it.
    Make coffee. Pick up bowls and wash. Check front porch cat food dish. Check back yard cat food bowl. Make sure doggie door is open.
    Shower, drink coffee, do make up, dress, make lunch.
    Scoop 7 litter pans inside, one outside.
    Pass out "cookies", Give Bear his thyroid pill and insulin.
    Check all water dishes.
    Off to work at 7:40.
    Home at 4:45. Mix food for all 4 dogs. Mix wet & dry for all 7 cats. Clean all bowls again.
    Eat dinner.
    Lock doggie door. Let cats out of their room. Yell at Samson to "Leave the cats alone!" and finally put him on a leash.
    Round up all the cats again. Let the dogs out, back in and get ready for bed. Do bed check and close bedroom door. Open cat room so cats can play all night.
    10 PM and I'm falling asleep in front of the bedroom TV.

    Weekends are the same schedule, but instead of going to work, I clean, shop, repair the house, do laundry, etc. I'm happy when I can read a book for half an hour.


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    I'm exhausted just reading what everyone else does...I pale in comparision.

    Up at 4:45. Brush teeth, put hair up in pony tail and get dressed for the gym. Make my way downstairs to feed Tucker first because if I don't get her first she will claw at the screen door. Next onto cleaning/washing the plates for Tig, Smokey, Abner and Mystic. Give them fresh water.

    Out of the house and off to the gym. Shower and get ready for work there. To work for 8 am and work till 4:30 pm. Walk on my lunch 1/2 hour if the weather is nice. Go to the Y for 5 pm for lap swimming for 1/2 hour.

    Leave the Y to go home and start the feeding all over again. Look through the mail. Fix hubby something for dinner. Dinner for me is usually a protein shake. Then upstairs to the bedroom to get my clothes and things ready for the next day.

    In bed for 9 pm. Usually don't sleep for more than 4 hours in a night so I just lay there thinking of what needs to be done the next day.

    Weekend.....try to sleep but that is really hard to do with Abner in your ear crying to go out.

    Smokey, Mystic, Abner

    Gabriel (Dude), Gracie, Vegas, and Scarlet

    Consider adopting a special needs pet, they deserve a chance too!

    Tony 2/15/99
    Tigger 10/16/06
    Tucker 8/1/08

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    Oh my goodness, you all get up so early!!! For those of you that are getting up early to exercise, I'm in such awe! I get up between 6 and 6:30, shower, feed the guys (they get about a cup and a half between the two of them and it lasts until the next day) and arrive a work somewhere between 7:45 and 8:30. I get off between 5 - 5:30, home by six, where I cuddle on the couch with my guys, and play and sing to them. Somewhere in there I cook, watch TV, and read, boyfriend arrives home about ten. I'm in bed by 11. Pretty boring .
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    0720. Stop breathing.

    0721. Get Edward off my chest

    0724. Put temptations in the treat bowl

    0740. Leave for work.

    1815. Get home.

    1816. Put temptations in the treat bowl

    1820. Undress

    1822 dress

    1825 clean the cat box.

    1828 Fight with the cat over who sits on the recliner

    1829 Give up.

    2200 Hit bed

    2205 Fight with the cat over where he is going to lie while I read.

    2206 Give up.

    Wake up repeatedly to the noise of-
    -cat snoring
    -cat playing
    -cat walking all over me
    -cat meowing for one thing or another.

    I dont have a routine.
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Are you trying to punk my abuelita?

    I laugh, therefore? I am.

    No humans were hurt during the posting of this message.

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    Man, I could never get up as early as some of you *sometimes I stay UP until then lol*

    During the week:

    Up at 6:25 *Today was the first day of work I had Remus, he learned my alarm schedule already and had me awake at 6:15 * Shoo Remus off of my clothes, ahh cat hair! Say a hello good morning to Cleo and Rogue *rats* and dress *hopefully in something that matches*. Pack up the laptop, grab something of the mountain dew variety *live wire is back, woohoo*, kiss the hubby goodbye and meet the parents outside to get a ride to work. Work starts at 7. If there isnt work, I sit on PT and play on my laptop. If there IS work, I grumble but get it done . I get off an hour at noon for lunch. I usually go home and play with the rats and the cat and chat *yeah, chat mmmhmm thats what they're calling it now lol* with the hubby until I have to go back to the office. Work ends at 4. Go home and see whats going on. Common things include : Hubbys friends are bored and have come to invade our house, we are out of XYZ and need to go to the store, The lizard has eaten all of the crickets off to PetSmart, I'm wearing my last clean pair of socks...etc etc etc. After things get done, I sit in front of the TV. If it is before my favorite show on Cartoon Network *Aquateen Hungerforce, I don't know why this show is hilarious but it IS* I play the playstation *while being destracted by Remus, who insists on playing with the controler wires* until Aquateen comes on, then I watch that and some other shows on Cartoon network, catch a recorded episode of Stargate SG 1 *I love Tivo* and go to bed. It usually takes a couple of hours to get to SLEEP since I have a cat that is a night owl and a hubby that ummm never mind. I get to sleep about at 1 am most of the time...and the whole thing starts again at 6:15!!!


    Sleep sleep sleep, feed the zoo residents, bug my parents, sleep sleep sleep, Playstation, Cartoon network, Sci Fi chanel, sleep

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    DJ, I LOVE Aquateen Hungerforce!!!! That show rocks!!! I like Family Guy too. Great stuff.

    Women, I think we're all jealous of RICHARD, who wakes up at 7:20 am and is out the door by 7:40 am!!!! Wouldn't that be nice?

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