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Thread: Tigs at the night time emergency vets

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    May 2003
    Killearn, Scotland
    Aww, what a shame. Thinking of poor Tigs tonight and got my fingers crossed that his pills help. Please give him a cuddle from me.

    The girls send headbumpies.

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    Re: Tuesday Evening Update

    Originally posted by PayItForward

    ... Tigs was cathered again and flushed out
    and is back home with more pills.

    Does Tigs still have the Catheter *IN* ??

    Here in the States, most Vets insist on Leaving the Catheter *IN*
    for several days.

    This encourages any Stones or Crystals that are in the Bladder to
    flow out; and prevents re-plugging.
    Cat is also sent home with an E-collar -
    to prevent Feline Removal of the Catheter!

    Since the Cat has NO control over when urine will flow out the catheter;
    confinement in an easy-to-clean area is also required...
    Boots spent his Catheter-IN days in the bathroom -
    with a generous covering of newspapers on the floor.
    We *tried* confinement in the fallin water klozit
    (aka the Tub & Shower) - but he quickly learned how to slide
    *open* the shower door...
    So we *settled* on him having the Whole Room.

    GOOD LUCK, Tigs!!

    /s/ Phred
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    It's strange how vets do things so differently. To me it sounds like a good idea to have the catheter in for a few days - like Boots had. Fister didn't. I should have asked the vet why not!

    I really hope the pills will work and he doesn't have to have further treatment, but be prepared that he does! In any case, you caught it early, so hopefully he'll be OK very soon!

    Please keep us posted!

    Give him kisses from us - and Fister sends special headbumpies!

    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Oh no, Tigs. I'm so sorry to hear you were back at the vets today. I'm sure hoping the pills and everything do their work so you don't continue to have this problem.
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    Thanks everyone


    I'll have a chat with the vet again on Thursday (next vet appointment) about that suggestion, anything to help Tigs.

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    I am sorry to hear about Tigs. Hope all gets better soon!

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    Poor Tigs. Fingers and paws crossed that the pills work this time.

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    On the positive side, he probably feels ok tonight? Keep up the good work, he knows you love him!

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    I hope the pills work and that Tigs is better soon.
    Gentle pets for you, Tigs.
    Steffi and Lovable

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    Poor Tigs. Hope this finally does the trick.

    From Decker with Love

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    Oh dear ... just now seeing this. So sorry poor Tigs is still having potty problems! That oh nasty catheter has to be uncomfortable ... poor baby. Hugs to Tigs and prayers that this new medicine will work!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    I'm sorry to hear that Tigs is still having blockage problems. Hopefully the pills and new food will help him.

    When Cirrus had his blockage problem, it was so severe that he became blocked again while still at the vets. He was then catheterized and stayed there until he had his surgery. My vet said that it would take a few months for the new food to help him and he didn't have that kind of time. I'm not sure how long it takes for the medicine to finally help him though.

    Prayers and positive thoughts are still being sent to Tigs. Please keep us updated.
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    Poor Tigs kitty! Hope he's back to normal soon.

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