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Thread: Tigs at the night time emergency vets

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    Saturday Update - Tigs is Home

    Picked a very upset shaking Tigs from the vets

    Apparently everyone thought he was shy and very quiet, not like our Tigs at all.

    We have antibiotics and a special food in pouches for him. Tigs has to stay inside until Wednesday until his next check up. (He won't like that at all, expecting him to run the wheel of death around living room frequently until Wednesday)

    He was upset on the vetís table when I saw him but the moment he went into 'his' case to come home, he rolled on the floor and gave a sad chirp.

    All other food had to be taken up before I let him out of his case. He ran eagerly to where the food bowl was, looked around in confusion and is currently sulking in a clean hooded litter tray.

    Tigs is Home

    PS. Kelly...Bramble is fine at the moment but that vet made that comment when she was having sloppy poo problems
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    Oh, I can picture the look on Tigs' face when he saw the food bowl! Well, he's home and surely happy about it, even though having to stay indoors.

    I hope the antibiotics works, so he can avoid an operation. Did you get the food for him which is suppose to dissolve the crystals? Fister had Hills S/D.

    Tigs, get well soon!

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    We already feed them Hills Science Diet food because of Brambles problems.

    Tigs new food is....Urinary with Chicken Royal Canin Veterinary Diet. Wet food in pouches.

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    Just catching up on Tigs troubles. Happy he is back home with you now, not as happy as he is though I bet.

    Get well soon Tigs.

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    I'm glad Tigs is back home. Poor baby. I'll bet he didn't enjoy those two nights away from home.

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    Aww poor Tigs! I can just picture his face when he saw that the usual food bowl wasn't there. I hope he likes his new food. Get better Tigs!

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    I missed this whole thread!!! I guess I'm lucky in some ways because I didn't have to worry as long about poor Tigs! but I am sorry I didn't have any encouraging words for you while it was going on.
    I'm so glad that poor Tigs is home and doing good for now. Her's hoping that the antibiotics and new food do the trick and surgery won't be necessary. Poor baby had a rough time of it I'm sure.

    Keep us posted and give Tig's lots of kisses and extra snuggles from us!!

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    I'm glad to hear that Tigs is back home. I hope that he'll like his new food and that this will help his problem. Get well soon Tigs.
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    I hope Tigs is on the way to good health soon. Sounds like he had a very scary experience at the vet's. Hope he's out of the litterbox hidey hole now!
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    food in pouches!

    Is that terribly expensive? If so, you could appeal to stores to pass you the stuff they are throwing away! That's how shelters and foster homes get the good stuff! Right Jan? Any ideas Jan?

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    Glad to hear that Tigs is back home, and I am sure he will get over his "sulking" in no time!
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    Wow, I missed this whole thread too! But I am happy that Tigs is home with you. Just hoping he doesn't have to go through the surgery! I keep my fingers crossed and send lots of well wishes to sweet Tigs. Poor baby!!


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    Just read this thread for the first time. Glad Tigs is home!

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    Missed the entire thread so far! Poor Tigs!!! (and what a stupid cow that one vet is!! )

    I'm glad that Tigs is back home now. Please try to recover from the stress at the vet's, little boy. I know what it's like to be in hospital.

    I hope he won't need surgery!


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    Tuesday Evening Update

    Tigs had started to dribble rather than wee properly, so Steve took him back to the vets today around 2pm (Lucky Steve had the day off work)

    Tigs was cathered again and flushed out and is back home with more pills.

    Keep your fingers crossed for baby Tigs, he is not a happy kitty at the moment.

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