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Thread: Ton's of Magoo pictures!

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    Oct 2003

    Ton's of Magoo pictures!

    Per request here is our little maniac! I really am in love with this little stinker!
    He has learned to jump up in my chair and take it over for play time so I let him have it and got lots of pictures for you all.

    Here comes that "Chicken on a String"

    More coming...
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    Oct 2003
    I love his little dirty chin!

    Bath time

    These last three are my very favorites of him.

    I love this one!

    Hopefully that was enough Magoo to hold you guys for a few days anyway!

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    Well, it will NEVER be enough!!! BUT ......... I just LOVE this guy too, CCL!!! I am soooooooo HAPPY that he has won his rightful place in your heart ... and is doing so very well now. He certainly has ME convinced that he is one happy home dweller!!!!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Wait! Stop the presses! It's impossible that this lilttle Prince has such powerful jaws!!!!! It must have been his alter-ego that did it!

    Mr. Magoo, if I was there I'd give you a great big kiss on the forehead, but would you let me??

    Thanks for posting CCL and NO we can never get enough Magoo pics.
    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, champagne in one hand and strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming WOO HOO - What a Ride!

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    Thanks for the Magoo fix!!!!

    He looks so content and happy. I'm glad things have reached a calmer level for you guys.

    From Decker with Love

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    yes, that's HIS chicken .

    I also love his dirty chin and his big white paws

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    Aww what cute pictures. I don't know if you have posted it before, but what is the story behing Magoo's eyes? How did he lose them? I've tried looking for it in previous threads but maybe I am missing something

    Good on ya for sticking with him.. true dedication!

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    These are really dream come true pictures! To see Magoo starting to fit into your family is just wonderful!

    LOL, he has even took your chair over!

    Noooooo, we can never get too many pictures of Magoo!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of Magoo, he is really looking so well and happy.


    Thank You, kittycats_delight for my new siggy!!!

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    Great photos, thanks for sharing with us. I'm so happy things are going to well now adays at your house.

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    Great pics, Mr Magoo is so adorable!! I love his big white paws!!!

    Thanks Kay for my great sig & avatar!!!
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    Originally posted by Nomilynn
    Aww what cute pictures. I don't know if you have posted it before, but what is the story behing Magoo's eyes? How did he lose them? I've tried looking for it in previous threads but maybe I am missing something

    Good on ya for sticking with him.. true dedication!
    Mr. Magoo came into the shelter where I volunteer. He had one eye already removed but the other one was one big mass of infection and they had to take it out. He was found wandering outside on his own, blind. No one knows how long he had been like that or how he was surviving. It was really sad and I felt sorry for him. That soon changed because he bit the tar out of me and two of my other cats. Magoo and I have come to an agreement, I don't feel sorry for him anymore and he has to stay in a cage until he can learn to get along with the other cats. He has play time outside of the cage everytime we have an oportunity. So that is how Magoo came into our lives and totally disrupted everything! You can't help but love him and we are all trying to learn to live together. Now if I could just get him to get along with the other kitties we would have it made! Who knows, maybe by next year.

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    Awww Magoo you are too cute!
    I love my furkid Neko!

    ^TAMA^ 8/24/00 - 4/27/12 Thank you for being in my life I love you always and forever

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    What a sad, sad story. Good for you for rescuing him and I'm sure he'll live and long and healthy, happy live because of you!

    He does look like a little stinker though.

    Very cute, indeed!

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    CCL, thank you for sharing the pictures of Magoo with us. I am totally in love with this fellow. It looks like he is starting to feel more at home everyday.

    Smokey, Mystic, Abner

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    Too cute for words!

    What a wonderful group of photos! I, too, have fallen in love with him. I am torn between Tabitha and Mr. Magoo, but think I love them equally. What stories they have behind them. And such a wonderful life ahead!

    Such wonderful kitty mommies and daddies these two have now!

    Love to all,
    SAS and her brats

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