I was talking to one of the parents from my daughter's soccer team. He was commenting on how nice my boys were (of course Pouncer was hamming it up and just melting in his arms ) and he was telling me about his 4 cats - all outdoor cats... but I think they have access to a barn. I asked if their fixed and he said, all but one, and she just had kittens. Well, not to argue with him, I left it alone. I mentioned being fixed earlier (I'll get to THAT) and I knew bringing it up again would be pointless. Besides, the guy is a truly nice guy, just clueless.

We were talking about outdoor cats and the problems of not being spayed or nuetered and he mentioned his neighbor down the road - they have 130 cats!!! NONE are fixed. I said, "but those cats will number 300 next year." And he said "God has a way of dealing with that" HUH? I He said, "well they are out in the country so there's little to no traffic, but theres a lot of disease that takes care of the population!!!

What is this farmer doing? Burying two or three cats a week? Letting them rot? I am so disgusted. Its not the guy-who-I-was-talking-to's fault because he's not the farmer with the cats... but it is in a way because he could contact the proper authorites and have the cats properly cared for.

What can I do? I think this is a super nice guy, who loves the 4 cats he has, but doesn;t truly understand what you do with cats. He is a country boy and I've gotten the feeling that that is the country mentality.