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Thread: Huey's fun day of swimming *pics*

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    Huey's fun day of swimming *pics*

    Yesterday after the pet show, Huey got to go to a swimming hole. He had a blast!

    Here is taking a plunge!

    more coming..
    Meet Huey

    Huey & Andrea

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    All wet!

    Ready to play.. He loves to drop his toy then stand on it so I can't get it from him He says "well, I did drop it!"

    Just relaxing.

    I caught him taking a nap after all that fun!
    Meet Huey

    Huey & Andrea

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    I'm trying to post a video also, but I have been unsuccesful 3 times in a row. It's a '.mov' file. I put the file name in the "attach file" box, but when I post the file does not show up. Any suggestions?
    Meet Huey

    Huey & Andrea

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    Huey looks likes he was having a blast!
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    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    Looks like Huey had a fun day! I love the last picture best though. He looks so content
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    Huey is such a cutie!! What breed(s) is he? Looks like he had a ton of fun playing in the water! ^_^

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    Nice pictures! Huey has looonngg legs! what breed(s) is he?

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    He is definitely Husky, probably Greyhound, and who knows what else. Whatever his 'mix' he's a great dog! Too bad we couldn't adopt his whole litter, they were all at the shelter together
    Meet Huey

    Huey & Andrea

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