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Thread: Whilst weeding my front garden last night...

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    Whilst weeding my front garden last night...

    I ended up in conversation with nice lady with dog (and house cat & rabbit at home).

    She was asking me if I wanted kittens from her sisters cat (Good job she asked ME and not Steve )

    Apparantly the sister is running out of suitable homes for her cat's kittens. In fact this litter is her mating with her son, who they couldn't rehome from the last litter

    The lady was nice and listened whilst I said that we would help if we could but that mum cat had to be spayed and the kittens should have an adoption fee.

    Steve has suggested that we offer to take them all and rehome but I guess this lady wants her cat

    The lady is going to talk to her sister about what she is going to do with the cats and will either call by again or drop a note though our door if they need/want help.

    I just feel sad for that mum cat and endless kittens. I am also worried about her being sick and the kittens must have messed up genes from a Mum & son mating.


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    Instead of ranting and raving about how stupid people are I'm going to be nice.
    Thank you PIF for taking the time to help educate the idiot (oops) and for offering to help. At least with you involved we know the kittens will be able to get a good start and I hope and pray that you can convince these morons (*hand slap* ) to get mama spayed.
    Good luck and keep us posted on how things go.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Good work CCL, only a few minor slip-ups there.

    Jenny, that was great of you to offer to help - obviously they need it bad. I know the kittens will have the best chance in life if you're involved with them. I hope the lady returns because you know how some people are, as soon as you try and tell them what they should be doing, they get all indignant and don't want your help anymore <insert CCL's "bad" comments here>
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    I was very low key and nice with her.

    She said her sister can't afford the spay, so I was maybe I can get a cheap spay voucher for mum.

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    Great job!! Were you kind of steaming inside while she told you her woes?! It's both frustrating and heartening when others need education, hopefully she will return to you again- did you exchange phone #s? At least she's looking for homes and not just putting them out like other's do repeatedly!! Good for you keeping it low key and being the helpful gal in the neighborhood... hope it works!

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    How nice of you to care so much. It would be a good idea and so caring to get a cheap spay voucher for her. Sounds like a bad condition. I hope everything works out alright and gets fixed up. All the kittens should get good homes, I hope!

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