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Thread: Pepper's Bad Day

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    Aww, poor Pepper! Don't bandages look so cute in photographs though! Please look after yourself, beautiful girl and your little toesie will heal in no time!

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    Oh Sweetie! Pouncer feels your pain! He wanted to pass along some helpful hints on how to pull the cast off, but I told him not to share his evil-doings!

    As for keeping it dry.... GOOD LUCK! I walked into the bathroom the other day and saw Pouncer sitting on the toilet seat with both paws splashing about in the water (thank goodness I had just cleaned the toilet! ) Then he played in the puddles after someone finished their shower. The things was wet more than it was dry!! LOL

    I hope sweet Pepper is feeling better soon. It turns out that Pouncer's toe is borken, not just the nail like we'd thought. I wonder why Pouncer didn't need a cast on for more than a week then? Hmmm...

    The good news is that he's jumping and playing like nothing ever happened and its been two weeks. He still has a bit of swelling, but doesn't seem to notice or care (unless he wants some loving, then its limpy boy crying for some sympathy )

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    Poor little girl! I hope her toe heals up quickly, and she's back to herself in no time. What an adorable picture of Pepper snuggling with her daddy! Priceless. Headbonks and noserubs to Pepper! Jan
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    Poor Pepper! I hope your little toe feels better. I like the duct tape.
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    Poor Pepper! You are Pouncer need to start your own recovery program for bandaged tootsies! He looks so sweet cuddeling with his Daddy!

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    Pepper, be good so your toe will heal with no problems.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    Poor little Pepper! BUT, I do have to say you look extra cute with that splint/cast on your leg. I hope you heal quickly and well, and that your hoomans do too!

    That pic of you snuggling with your dad is TOO cute!

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    I'm sorry I'm so late replying to this thread. Poor Pepper, she looks so pathetic in that cast.

    Glad to hear the she's on the mend. Prayers going out to sweet Pepper.
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