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Thread: The cats of Rome

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    The cats of Rome

    I was lucky enough to be able to go to Rome for a vacation for 2 weeks. I just got back yesterday (to a wonderful welcome from the cats and dog!).
    I found a wonderful cat santuary right in the heart of Rome, called Torre Argentina (web page ). Over 250 cats live there, and the work these people do is amazing. My fiance and I spent 3 hours there playing with the cats. If you are ever in Rome it is a must see, and it is close to all the major attractions.

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    I have heard about this sanctuary and IF I ever get over there I will visit for sure....I probally will not want to leave. It would be "kitty heaven" to me.

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    I went to Rome years ago when I was 15. It was the MOST wonderful trip I had ever been on! Unfortunately, I never heard of the cats of Rome till you just posted. I never would've been able to leave the Sanctuary once I got there. It's too bad they don't have full-time employment there. I'd pack up my cats and jump on the first plane there! Did you take pictures??

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    Hi again!
    I took a few pictures and I'll attach them.
    It was such a wonderful place, and the woman running it is amazing, she works there 7 days a week, all on a volunteer basis. I spoke with her for quite a while, she loves to meet people from other countries. She said that most countries are generous, but a special mention goes to the UK and the US, as that is where the vast majority of the support comes from.
    Sadly there were a number of cats there that had been abused. I spoke with another volunteer who comes in 4 days a week to play with these cats to try to help them learn to trust people again.
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    The above picture is me with a beautiful black cat. This picture is my fiance petting a few of the other residents.. My fiance just loves cats, and it was really that gentleness he has with animals that makes him such a great catch to me.
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    These pictutres are lovely! What sweet cats. We're going to be in Italy for a couple of weeks this summer, including four days in Rome. Can you believe that the Torre Argentina was on my list of places I wanted to see? The BBC "Your Cat" magazine did a feature on the place this year, I had never heard of it previously. I am even more keen to go now after hearing your report. Thank you very much.

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    oh, i wish i had been aware of this place when i was in rome! maybe next time!

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    I've been on the website

    thanks for sending it!! Apperently it helps them financially if you send a post card (it's free for us) so i've sent a couple and will send more!! Great cause!

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