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Thread: Extreme lickiness(!!)

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    Extreme lickiness(!!)

    Does anybody else have a pup that is extremely licky?? Emerson has this thing with licking people and he just won't stop.

    Whenever I bend over to tie my shoes he'll lick my chin, face, ears and hair. If I pay some attention to somebody other than him (Willow, Marigold, Malone) he's licking all over my legs and arms.

    It's rather annoying after a while (!!) but I'm not sure if it is something I should tell him "NO!" in a firm voice. I HAVE done that a couple of times, and his feelings get very hurt. I try pushing him away, but he comes right back.

    Is there an effective way to let him know that this isn't acceptable?? I don't want to punish him because I am thinking that this is a submissive trait, but I really do wish he would stop

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    Awwwwwww! I think your crazy to want him to stop! lol Jasper is not licky at all and I wish he would give me kisses

    I think its a lab thing my black lab was the same way right up until he was 8, he's probably just very lovable

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
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    My friend's Golden Retriever is very "licky." You walk in the door and he's up in your face or licking your hands the second you try to pet him. I understand your's really kind of annoying after awhile. Plus, I'm sure your guests won't enjoy it very much either. I wish I could offer some help, but I'm clueless...

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    Josie is lick-crazy. lol. She licks clothes, feet, hands, it's crazy lol. Silly girl...she should learn she might die by licking some peoples feet

    My babies: Josie, Zeke, Kiba, Shadow (AKA Butter)

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    Originally posted by slleipnir
    Josie is lick-crazy. lol. She licks clothes, feet, hands, it's crazy lol. Silly girl...she should learn she might die by licking some peoples feet
    I think Emerson agrees wth Josie -- the smellier the better! yuk!

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    I never had that with any of my dogs so I am no help at all. Bella as a puppy was very mouthy, constantly nibbling on me, and I couldn't wait until she outgrew it. Maybe that will be the case with Emerson.

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    Ginger is the same way So I know how you feel. LOL she thinks she has to be in your lap constantly trying to lick you in the mouth. And yes it can get annoying sometimes.

    She doesn't just try to kiss you on the mouth either. She'll kiss your hands,feet, legs, arms, clothes, ears, where ever she can get you. I know she loves everyone! Her tongue is always going mile a minute.

    Josie isn't as bad about it but she will lick you when she gets in the mood to lick. Usually she goes for the hands and feet. Everyonce in awhile she'll go for the face or ears. LOL I remember when on our ride home. She was licking my hands like crazy!
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    Smokey is like that if he's bored & wants me to play a game
    with him or pet him. I grab a ball to throw or a toy to get him
    interested in & he's fine. He forget's the licking & just plays.

    The only other time he gets licky, or mouthy is when he's tired.
    I talk to him & rub his chest and he relaxes & will usually go to
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    Sadie is one of the lickingest dogs I have ever ever ever met!! And I'm sure all those who have met her would agree!!

    What has helped (some) with her is to teach her to give kisses. Then when she goes overboard you can tell her "no kisses". Sometimes she stops...other times, you have to push her away and tell her "no kisses" a few times, but she eventually gets the hint!!!

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    You want to talk about licky try a newfy they have 3 foot tongues you have to bob and weave to miss getting smacked one.

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    Nala loves to lick hands, legs, feet, toes, arms, - EVERYTHING but your face!

    Sometime's she'll just come up to me and lick my arm. Normally that means she wants to go outside... I think it's so cute.

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    Mine aren't big lickers, but they will occasionally. Molly's a big nibbler though; always has been. It doesn't hurt, and she does it when she's either happy/excited.

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    Buffy my chihuahua is a big licker, she licks my ears, my face and when she licks my face she trys to stick her tougue right up my nose! I usually cover my nose, well gee, I am ticklish there. She licks my legs, my arms, and my hands. Dana, the Rottweiler, loves to lick too, but she don't try to lick my face. When these guys starts licking my legs I just about go to sleep. What a great way to get a massage!

    I guess I have a very weird combination of dogs, a chihuahua and a Rottweiler. But it works!!


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    Two of our four, Honey and Lilly, are "lickers". I guess I've just gotten used to it, but sometimes I do say "please stop". My husband hates it, and they mostly do it when he is dressed up for a meeting or church and they lick his pants!!!!

    Murphy and Zipper don't lick for some reason. Go figure!


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    My FizzGigg has "Obsesive Complosive Licking Disorder" He will lick you NON Stop

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