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Thread: How long to wait for a new cat after a cat died from FIP?

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    How long to wait for a new cat after a cat died from FIP?

    Bodo's story again: this senior cat came to a friend of mine last year at the age of 16 and died some weeks ago from FIP

    Bodo's memorial thread and full story

    My friend never had cats in his grown-up life but he and his family now start slowly to think about someone to come to their family again and to occupy a new spot in their hearts (and all the old spots in the sun and on the couch )

    Does any of you have the experience to know how long they will have to wait to make sure a new cat cannot be infected with FIP at their home?

    Thanks for your help.

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    6 months are recommended, that's how long the virus can survive outside the cat's body. And every object the sick has been in touch with (litter boxes, cat trees, toys, bowls) should be removed.

    I know that's a horrible long time to wait... When I lost my Aysche from FIP, I waited 3 months before I got Katz (at that time, I wasn't very well-informed about the virus and the risks), and Katz did not get infected.


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    Oh no, the virus can't survive outside the cat for six months. The virus can survive outside the cat for, at the most, seven weeks. Unless you have other cats that might be infected a good cleaning of the house and "quarataine" for seven weeks will do.

    But if you have other cats you should wait six months before getting another cat. This because it can take up to six months for an infected cat to show any symptomes of the disease.

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    Well, I have to say that I have a cat who tested positive was MooShoo at the age of 3 months. I have since added 4 cats to my household and none of them have the FIP virus.

    As far as kittens are concerned, I'd definitely wait at least 6 months before adding a new baby to the crew.

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    I was told by my vet (after I asked should I super clean the house etc) that the virus lives just a very short time, within mins. But please don't hold me to this exact time frame. Because when he was explaining this to me, I was just finding out Butterscotch had it. I was a mess.
    However,it's the possible transmission from one to other through litter box, scratches/bites for examples that you have to worry.

    All stuff I've read is wait 90 days to re-test (that's the incubation period from an onset of Feline Leukemia). Skinny tested negative in Sept. Thumper tested negative 2 yrs ago when we got her. We had Butterscotch for almost 5 yrs. Unfortunately, our old vet never tested him, I thought he did and we found out through crisis illness that he had it and within 3 days he passed away 2 months ago.

    In general, some signs to look for are... white gums, white inside ears (both are signs of enemia), weight loss, not eating, hiding allot, breathing heavy, crying. It's painful to recall all this information, but I hope it helps people.

    She should test her animals more than once. Maybe the vet under the circumstances would give her a break in the cost of testing.
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    I have done rescuing for many years now, had hundreds of cats pass through the revolving doors here, and had only one obvious FIP kitten. If the kittens etc. I take in test FeLV- and have had a quarantine period for panleukopenia, if space allows, they can run to their hearts content. FIP is a member of the corona virus family, which the common kitty cold is also! Therefore, if you take your cat in for the so called "FIP test" chances are they WILL test positive! Most every cat has had a cold by the time they reach a year old, and the test only detects a corona virus...not an FIP one. Vets cannot differentiate between any corona virus, and more cats are killed by that damn test, than actually die from FIP! Breeders of cats tend to get FIP positives more than the general public, as it is linked more by genetics, than not. I panicked when years back I had one little black kitten who developed the wet form of FIP. His lttermates had all been adopted (and all to my knowledge are fine still), but this kitten had the classic symptoms, lethargy, abdominal bloat, anemia, and a very spiny blow fish look about him. I took him to the vets where he had a belly tap...banana yellow fluid came out, and I chose to euthanise him as he was going downhill. He exposed many others to this virus. According to "Catnip Newsletter" put out by Cornell Univ. FIP can live outside the body for six weeks or longer under ideal conditions, it generally survives only a few days, and is easily killed by common disinfectants. It is more genetically linked than not, and many cats can be exposed and never show any symptoms. About 5-10% of cats exposed come down with the full blown virus, and die from it. I'd tell your friend to clean the place well, and adopt a shelter cat or kitten...or two! And not worry!
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    Thanks everyone for all that thorough information- it sounds very encouraging

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